Christin was an a+ student she had principal's list and more.she wasn't liked and she wasn't popular she had little to no friends.she was always picked last when it came to everything except project and even then she had to do all the work.she wasn't sad about her life and she enjoyed it alot she just wants to be more popular and have some people she can socialize with.But she is given the opprotunity to go on Justin Bieber's tour and extersize with him shes not a fan and she isnt sure what to do.


8. GOING HOME............

It was hard to think about leaving.i had such a fun time with Cody,and i didn't want that to end but i don't thing i can live with Justin any longer.As i was thinking this over my phone beeped,that means i got a text,i looked at it and frowned at the name......Justin.


Hey i'm going to a party so i won't be home untill later.


i don't care,have fun making out with strangers >:(




Whatever..................just stop texting me.

i sat down my phone and walked down stairs.''Hey Scooter.''

''May i ask you a question?''


''Is there a way,any way,that i can get out of my contract?"

''Well,yeah,that's always been your choice to make,but can you tell me why you want to leave?''

"Well for starters Justin got in a fight with my bestfreind Cody -''

he interupted me.


i nodded

''And he made me mad because he embarresed me and then me and Cody weren't freinds anymore,then i started to date him once we cleared that up and then we went to Sterling Knight's party and Cody told me to follow him and he showed me Justin and some UGLY chick making out.''

Scooter frowned. ''He has never done that before......''

''Yeah well things change..'' Scooter could hear the hurt in my voice,so he dismissed me from the confersain.

''go pack ill have a limo here in 30.'' i nodded and walked glumly to my room upstairs.I packed my stuff and stared at a photo me and Justin,he had his arm on my waist and was smiling his big gorgous smile.i put that photo,any many more of us,on Justin's dresser.There is nothing on this tour that i'd want to remember.i walked to the bathroom and took a shower,after that i grabbed my stuff and dragged it downstairs.''I'm ready..''i said looking at the floor.''It's outside,go ahead.''i looked at Kenny who was wiping away tears,i hugged him.''Don't worry Kenny i'll visit.''they both said bye as i handed my stuff to the limo driver and got in the back.It took like three hours to get back to my house.''HONEY,WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!''My mom said hugging me tightly.I missed you and dad too!''i said hugging them and saying my hellos.I went to my room and set up my stuff.I dug deep in my stuff and pulled out a little dogtag picture of me and Justin.A tear rolled down my cheek and splattered  and the picture,covering Justin.I brushed the tears off him and rolled into a ball on my bed trying to feel his arms around me.I cryed my self to sleep and tryed to forget what happened it was too hard to forget but i was going to have too.


I was woken up by the sound of my wall phone ringing.''Hello?'' i asked with tears lingering in my voice.''Chirstin?Are you okay?Where are you i went home and you weren't there.''The person said sounding really worryed.''Justin?"I heard a sigh.''Yes,i'm sorry i called but you only said not to text you so i called.''The line went silent.''Anyway'',he said breaking the silence,''Where are you?"i slowly answered,trying to hold back tears from getting in my voice.i wiped the tears on my cheek smearing them.''I went home Justin.''I heared him sniff.''Why?''he said sounding like if he was full on crying.''Because i don't think i can do it anymore,you hurt me Justin,you hurt me bad.''he cryed into the phone,clearly wanting me to hear it.''I'm sorry-''i cut him off.''Save it,i left the pictures of us on your dresser because that's the only way your ever going to see me,i have to go to dinner now,bye.''i said gently slamming the phone on the hook.As much as it hurt to hang up on him i had too i didn't feel like having this conversasion now.I sat on my bed and looked at pictures of me and Cody,how am i going to tell him about me moving?


SO ARE YOU LIKING THE STORY??HUH,ARE YA?im just kidding anyway this chapter is so sad i almost cryed typing it.But i want to know do you want her to get back with Justin or are you on team Cody?So i wanna make this a contest,First ten people who tell me ' Team Justin' means that she gets back with Justin,but,the first people who say 'Team Cody' means that she stays with Cody but Justin just Fights for her.So thats the contest and the contest ends when one of the teams gets ten.It starts:NOW!! so get a move on!LUV YA'LL!!

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