Christin was an a+ student she had principal's list and more.she wasn't liked and she wasn't popular she had little to no friends.she was always picked last when it came to everything except project and even then she had to do all the work.she wasn't sad about her life and she enjoyed it alot she just wants to be more popular and have some people she can socialize with.But she is given the opprotunity to go on Justin Bieber's tour and extersize with him shes not a fan and she isnt sure what to do.


4. DATE ME..................................

justin opened the bathroom door and opened the shower door.''AHHHH!JUSTIN!!!PRIVACY PLEASE!!!''he giggled at seeing me naked i screamed and closed the door.''sorry i had too!''i was soo mad i didnt talk to justin untill lunch.''will you leave  me alone!''i said annoyed at justin for taking the salt bottle and slamming it into my arm.''no not untill you talk to me.''i turned away.''fine finsh your macaroni then we are going to take ride.''he said pushing his full spoon in his mouth.i scooped macaroni in my mouth and sighed.''fine.''he cheered and spooned in more macaroni.


''May i ask where you are taking me?''he kept his eyes on the road but moved his head closer to mine.''it's a surprise but you'll like it.......i hope.''he whispered the last part then smiled at me.i was worried about what he aranged.i turned on the radio''ALL AROUND THE WORLD ALL AROUND THE WORLD WORLD WORLD.''The radio sang,Justin joined in a few words later,''so dj bring that-bring that-bring that back.''he tryed the raping part too.''beauty revolves around you..''he got off track i laughed at him.''what you think you can do better.''i didn't and luckily the song changed.''under the mistletoe.''he looked at the radio.''this was so long ago!''i smiled.We pulled up to a mansion.Justin took my hand and walked me the front porch.he knocked on the door.''CHRISTIN!!''cody simpson said as he opened the door.''CODY!!''he hugged me tightly.''you know each other?"Justin asked sounding quite jelous.i went over to him and kissed him softly to reassure him.he smiled and I walked up to cody again.''you gonna come in.''Cody asked and gestured tward the house i walked in justin and cody followed.''you two dating,christy?''he asked me.''oh'',i looked at him and justin,''no''he smiled and nodded.justin frowned.''about that.''justin started.''hey wanna see the aquariam?''cody interupped.''yeah sure,coming justin?''i turned to justin.''um,n-no'',we walked off when he said that,''i was just gonna ask you out.''he mumbled to himself.



AWWW POOR JUSTIN!!so i really like this chapter but it's not my best,but i dont care,because i wanna know what YOU think.oh yea and btw christin's name is pronounced cherstin not like cher in Cher llyod it's like hear with a k at the beggining so it's kearstin.just wanted to let you know.oh yea LUV YA'LL!!

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