your dreams just became reality.


1. Unbelievable.

you just got home from school. your parents were on the couch with a huge smile on their faces. "Hey..." you say awkwardly. "honey we got you something..."  your mother said excitedly. "What is it?!" you asked in the same tone. "Ok, get ready for this she paused. "floor tickets to the Justin Bieber concert! And..." she told you. You screamed "NO WAYYY!!" "You didn't let me finish..." she said. "The seat is in the fifth row!" She told you, almost screaming. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" you screamed. She nodded. You hugged your parents then ran to your room and went on twitter. You post "This is the best birthday week ever! My parents just bought 5th row tickets to Justin's concert!!" Your birthday was the day of the concert. Immeadiately 15 people replied to you saying how lucky you were and happy birthday. You replied to all saying thanks. You stayed on twitter until bed time fangirling. You woke up early the next morning. School went by in a blur. You went home and went on twitter. You did this for the next two days. It was Friday, now. The day before the concert. You got dressed in black waist shorts and a white crop top that said I Love Kidrauhl in black cursive letters. You wore white sandals and your nails were painted purple. You hair fell in waves across your back. You wore purple JB earrings. You wore an Avalanna and Believe bracelet on your right wrist. On your left, you wore a I Love Kidrauhl and JB Is My Boyfriend bracelets. You wore two pins on your shirt with Justin's face on them. You wore only mascara and lipgloss. You looked beautiful. You waited until 7:30am when your parents left for work to go search for Justin. You had to wait because you were ditching school. You searched 4 hotels. No security, no Justin. You searched a sort of fancy one. You were just about to leave when you saw Fredo. You had to cover your mouth tk keep from screaming. He looked around. He was leaving the hotel. You had to make a choice: follow him, or wait for Justin. So hell yeah, you followed him. He turned a corner and walked down an alley to the back of a building. He walked through a door. You slipped through just before the door closed. You were inside a really fancy place. You didn't think a place like this would have a back door. All of a sudden you see Fredo walking with Quincy. You were starstruck. You were about to pass out. Then Kenny comes out. You gasp before you can stop yourself. All three of them look around. You hold your breath. They keep walking. You follow them. You knew Justin had to be somewhere. They were walking into an elevator. You couldn't lose them.. So you hopped in too.  They all looked at you like you were crazy. "Fredo, Quincy, Kenny... Baby. How's it going?" you said like you were old friends. Fredo and Quincy started laughing and Kenny smiled. "Pretty good." Fredo replied, still laughing. "How'd you find us?" Quincy asked. You smiled and looked down. "I um... I followed Fredo.. I-I'm so sorry I just really want to meet all of you guys and I was hoping if I followed you that maybe I'd get to meet Kidrauhl.." you said, keeping your eyes on the floor. "It's okay, really, but.." Fredo said, then paused. "If you would've have just came up to me and said 'Hey Fredo' then we could've talked and you'd have met Justin. You really didn't have to follow us." he told you smiling, holding back a laugh. "Oh..." you said quietly. Quincy smiled and lifted your chin up. He was flirting big time. You blushed. He removed his hand and started laughing. "Flirt." you said under your breath. He laughed harder. "You're a Belieber..." he said mischievously. "And you wanna meet Justin..." he licked his lips. You smiled and nodded. "Awe why not me?" He rubbed his hand down your face as he moved close to you. "Q-Quincy..." you said angrily as heat flooded your cheeks. Your face was red. He laughed and stepped back. "Not cool" you laughed, shaking your head. Fredo bit his lip to keep from laughing. Kenny was chuckling. The elevator stopped. You were on the third floor of the building. There were slot machines and poker tables. You realized this was a casino. "Justin is here?" you asked confused. Kenny shook his head. "Wha-" Fredo put a finger to your lips to shush you. You guys walked out the elevator. "Put these on." Quincy said, handing you black sunglasses. You put 'em on but could barely see through them. Fredo slipped hisbhand in yours as you walked. You smiled and giggled. He said "Just go with it." After about 10 minutes of walking, you came to a stop at a gold elevator with two guards standing on either side of it. Fredo said something to one of the guards and you all stepped in. You guys went up to the 4th floor then got out. After another 15 minutes of walking, you met up with Scooter. Your jaw dropped. "Scooter!!" you exclaimed. He stared at you confused, then looked you down from head to toe. "Oh, hey." he said warmly, smiling. "Belieber?" Scooter guessed. You nodded excitedly. He smiled as you guys walked back to the gold elevator. He started talking to Kenny about something. You weren't paying attention. "So.. Fredo.." you said in a flirty voice looking down at your hands. He smiled then said, Yeah, you're my girlfriend." he said jokingly. "Well.. As your girlfriend.. I totally think we should take a picture." you said in the same tone. He smiled really big as he pulled out his phone. He was on twitter. You guys took a funny picture and he posted it with the caption "New girlfriend lol." That got 5,000 rt's and a whole bunch of comments. Some people said "ewww why her" and people replied to these haters saying "stfu she's beautiful. Unlike you" and other things. Some people had replied to Fredo's tweet saying "aw so happy for you! She's beautiful!" Fredo tweeted "I was joking lol she's a cool girl I just met." A whole bunch of people rt'd that, too. "Well, I have to follow my girlfriend so what's your user?" Fredo asked, smiling. "(your user)." you replied. He said "No way! You tweet me like everyday." he says, looking at you. "You see my tweets?! And you don't follow me!!" you said appalled. "Uhh.." Fredo said looking away. He clicked follow. Your phone buzzed. You looked at it. "Alfredo Flores followed you". You screamed. "Shhh.." Fredo said, bursting into laughter. You guys had walked out to the parking garage and were driving in the car to that fancy hotel where u had first seen Fredo. Everyone was laughing. "What?! He just followed me!!" you said in your defense. That made them laugh harder. Quincy parked the car behind the hotel. Guards came out immediately to escort all of you to Justin's room. You were flipping out by now. The only thing that kept you from screaming and going crazy was Quincy's hand wrapped around your left hand and Fredo's arm around you shoulders. They kept telling you to relax. You were so excited. The guards dropped you guys off at the elevator and pressed the button for you. Quincy held both your hands and told you "Calm down, baby. You're meet Justin. Don't flip." Fredo was hugging you and saying "Your dream's about to come true." You were bawling. The elevator came to a stop. The doors opened slowly. U guys stepped out then walked down the hall. Scooter opened the door. He walked in. Then Kenny. Then Quincy. And Fredo let go of you as you both walked in. Justin stood there. Right there. "JUSTIN!" you exclaimed as the tears poured down your face. "Oh-oh m-my gosh." you said as you ran towards him, leaping into his arms. 


thats the end of the first chapter. hope you liked it, spreed the word about the story please. favorite & like. NO COMMENTS = NO CHAPTERS 

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