Thank You

"We are the ones, the ones you left behind. Don't tell us how, tell us how to live our lives! 10 million strong, we're breaking all of the rules. Thank you for nothing, because there's nothing for us to lose! " We screamed from the top of the building. NEWS REPORT: "EVERYBODY! TEENAGERS HAVE THEIR SPONTANEOUS MOMENTS, RIGHT? WELL JUSTIN BIEBER IS SEEMING TO HAVE HIS.... AND WITH A GIRL? WHO IS THIS GIRL? AND WHAT IS SHE DOING TO JUSTIN? IS IT GOOD? OR IS IT BAD?" Just read to find out... :)


4. The Start Of The Revolution


As we pulled into the parking lot of the arena that I would be performing at in a few days, I couldn't help but not want to be there. I want to be at home, strumming on my guitar freely. Hanging with my buds, not being cooped up in a never-ending cycle of perform, isolate, perform, isolate.


"Justin, honey. Come one, we've got lots of work to do!" My mom chirped happily.


I stood and followed her out of the tour bus. Girls screamed my name. I used to love that sound, but now I want them all to shut up. Oh, great, now I have a headache. We walk through the doors, and into a long hallway with loads of doors on both sides.


"Lets first check out the stage area," my mom told me, pulling me behind her.


"Justin!" Scooter yelled, happily. "Isn't this great! Look at this place! It's perfect, yeah?"


"Sure," I answered in a monotone. No emotion left my mouth. "Okay."


"JB, bro, you feelin' okay?" Kenny asked.


"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied, walking over to the stage. I hopped up onto the stage and just sat there, staring at my hands.


At the beginning, I wanted this. I wanted nothing more than to be famous and have the whole world know who I am. But, now, all I want is my old life back. I was perfectly fine with just performing at the local theatre. I was fine with my small house.




So, I got sent to the principle's office. I got let off with only a warning, though, cause I was the straight A student, and that was my first ever infraction. "Just don't do it again," he warned before letting me go.


I honestly didn't want to be let go. I wanted to get in more trouble, but I can't risk my father finding out. While walking to class, I kept thinking to myself, "I deserve more... We all deserve more." That thought led me to the idea of starting something local... No, state-wide... No. GLOBAL.


I snatched my phone from my pocket, and made a quick U-turn in the halls to walk back to my locker.


'Hey, come to my house after school. It's urgent. I'll be waiting in my car- Georgie xoxo'


Immediately, I received a text back from Allie saying, 'No. I can do way better than meeting you at your car. Turn around- Allie xoxo'


I did as told, and she tackled me in a hug. Her long, straight blonde hair flew in my face, and I felt suffocated. "Okay! Okay! Come on. Lets go. I've got something huge planned."


"Oh... Like what, exactly?"


"I'll explain in the car," I said, walking arm to arm with Allie out to my car.




"Justin, bro, seriously, what's up?" Kenny asked. "I can tell when something isn't right, JB. And something isn't right, right now."


"Nothing, okay." I lied. "I'm fine."


My phone beeped from inside my pocket, and I fished around in my pocket to find my phone. Stupid tight jeans, my hands could barely fit into my pocket. Finally, I got my phone, and looked at the text.


'Dude, I've noticed that you're down. Always feeling like you never get what you really want in life... Right?- Ryan.'


'yeah, man. They keep making me do things and say things... I just want to do what I want. Why?- Justin.'


'Every teenager is feeling that way, bro. Stop what you're doing and go to "'. Trust me dude, it's worth it! :)- Ryan.'


I did as told, and typed the address into my laptop. What a weird name for a website...


Want your life back? the website said in huge letters at the top.


Yeah, I do....


Then lets do this. Lets make a revolution. You in?


yes, yes I am!


I scrolled down further to read more about it.


The time of the teenagers has finally come! When this website receives over 50,000 subscribers (it's free), the Revolution will start. Us teenagers will no longer feel alone. We'll finally feel important, involved, and in power. Our parents cant tell us what to do with our lives anymore. It's time that we rise up together and show the adults that we're in charge of our own future.


NOTICE: This Revolution does not give you permission to kill, hurt, rape, steal, or do anything crazily illegal. The purpose is to be ourselves, stand up and get what we want when they tell us 'no'. Shout it off the rooftops, do whatever. SHOW YOUR TRUE SELF. That's the whole purpose. If you're not being yourselves during this Revolution, it wont work.


Now... Who's ready to do this? Just click the 'Subscribe' button below, and wait. Tell your friends, tell strangers! Lets start a revolution! Ready? Set? GO!


The smile on my face was indestructible and as wide as the sea.


'Ryan...-Justin.' I texted him.


'Yeah?- Ryan.' he texted back.


I clicked the subscription button, and texted him back, 'Lets do this.- Justin.'

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