The First Time

its a fukn story just read it


1. The First Time

"Ow, Niall.." you wimper as he shoves his 9.7 inch into you. 

"Don't worry, babe. You'll be fine." he coos to you as he continues on. He begins thrusting into you and you just go along with it. He knows its your first time and he's trying to be gentle. But he sped up quickly.

"Niall..." you whisper quietly every time he hits just the right spot in you. You feel like you are losing control. Your hands reach for his shoulders and grab on tightly. As he begins going faster and harder, your fingertips begin to clench onto his back. then, your fingernails dig into him as you can't handle it anymore. His face tensed up from your scratching of his back but he continues on anyway. Your stomach tightens up and you could feel nothing except him inside you. You could feel your orgasm coming up and your screams of his name. You hold it in because you're not sure. You bite your lip as hard as you could from the mercy of Niall, and trying to hold everything in. But as you start to feel him hitting all the right spots again, you lose everything and cry out his name as loud as you could. You cried out his name more and more as he spilled himself inside you. You were so overwhelmed by everything. The way it felt, how you felt and how you imagined Niall felt. You were just finishing as he began to finish and you felt so overwhelmed by it. He pulled himself out of you and you lie down on the bed, trying to catch your breath. He took a spot right next to you and pulled the blankets over you two. He turns to look at you and brushes your hair out of your face as you're still breathing heavily. You two finally caught your breath and Niall stared into your eyes. "How was your first time?" his Irish voice croaked. "Oh my god." You said as you turned around. After a couple minutes, you turned around to check on him and he was fast asleep, his arms around you.

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