Niall Horan Saved My Life

On the day 12-12-12 Niall Horan Saved My Life


2. Waking Up

Niall's POV

Her beautiful blue eyes flutter open. I smile spreads across my face. "Mornin'" I say. "I know you!" She says weakly. "Your Niall from One Direction!". "Yes I am. I'm so happy your awake! What's your name?" I ask. "Lulu." She says quietly. She was so beautiful. Her long red hair was nearly to her waist. She had freackles under her eyes and her nose. But she had bruises everywhere, it was not a problem, but I feel terrible for her. "Um, well. Are you strong enough to stand?" I ask hopefully. She wobbles up. She walks uneasy. We go to the stairs. "I don't know Niall." She says. "Its okay." I say. picking her up bridal style. She looks into my eyes the whole time we walk down. "I'm sorry I'm causing you so much trouble." She says. "Aw! Your not causing any trouble!" I say. She gives a weak smile and I smirk. I walk to the kitchen still carring her. I set her on the couner and she watches me cook breakfast.

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