Saving Kaden

Kaden is a normal 17 year old girl with a major problem... Leukemia is taking over her life. she has to battle her cancer while juggling an ongoing romance with a boy named Noel and her friendships with her bestfriends Ally, Jessie, Molly, and Chelsea along with their boyfriends. her only hope for surviving her cancer is Noel and the miracle that he and her grandparents are praying for. Kaden doesnt have her parents, they died when she was three. will she survive her cancer, or will it finally win her over. read saving kaden to find out.


6. The Beach

The next morning came faster than I had expected and Noel had everything planned out. He picked me up and carried me towards the door and into the elevator. Noel i cooed, what are we doing at the beach? "I'm not telling you, it's a surprise." he said. Noel took my hand and led me towards the Tracker and helped me into the passenger seat before climbing in beside of me and taking off. Once we got to the beach he carried me down to the chairs he had set out and brought a cooler down from the car. "I want today to be perfect," he said. "I want today to be fresh in your mind when your treatment starts." It will be perfect Noel, and it will be one of the things i think about while im having my treatment. The waves were crashing into the shore around us and i noticed all of the other couples were playing in the water. it made me wish that i wasn't sick and suddenly I wanted to start my treatment as soon as possible. Noel, i want to start my treatment sooner than next week. "Why?" Noel asked, looking concerned and rushing to my side. I want to be able to do that, and i pointed at the closest couple. "I understand..." Noel chocked out. "But can we not think about it today?" Of course i said and kissed him on the cheek. Lets focus on spending time together today. Noel held me in his arms as we watched the waves crash around us, it was so peaceful. Noel pulled out two Orange Soda's and a loaf of bread. then he popped the tops off with a bottle opener keychain and we both enjoyed the sodas while we threw small chunks of bread to the sea gulls. It was definately something i was going to remember. Once it started to get dark Noel packed the Tracker and then helped me in once again and we took off for the house. When we got back to the house there was a phone call from George and Noel answered...

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