Saving Kaden

Kaden is a normal 17 year old girl with a major problem... Leukemia is taking over her life. she has to battle her cancer while juggling an ongoing romance with a boy named Noel and her friendships with her bestfriends Ally, Jessie, Molly, and Chelsea along with their boyfriends. her only hope for surviving her cancer is Noel and the miracle that he and her grandparents are praying for. Kaden doesnt have her parents, they died when she was three. will she survive her cancer, or will it finally win her over. read saving kaden to find out.


3. Forever

We sat in the dark for what seemed like forever just holding eachother. i could feel his body quivering on mine and i knew he was crying, Noel i whispered into his chest, "Mhmm," he responded... they told me i didnt have much longer to live. he pulled back then and put his hands on my shoulders and stared into my eyes and then he said, "I'm not going anywhere Kaden, I'm not leaving your side no matter what, I love you!" and then he crashed his lips into mine and kissed me slowly but passionately. when he finally pulled back i smiled and said dont leave me, promise me you wont? at that point i noticed gramps standing at the doorway and he smiled at me winked and then closed the door and walked off. Noel and i were finally together, and alone. "You're going to beat your cancer for good Kaden," he whispered to me before crashing his lips into mine again. this time he was more aggressive and i didnt hesitate. i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his soft lips as he moved his hands around my waist and kept kissing my lips. then he pulled back and kissed my forehead gently and said, "Get some sleep," and walked out of my bedroom. i rolled over and grabbed my iphone off my nightstand and sent a group message to the girls that said we will beat this thing together and then i plugged it up and rolled over to go to sleep. the next morning i woke up to my phone buzzing with a message from Noel asking if i was decent. i pulled the covers up to my nose and then sent yes. A few seconds later my door opened and Noel walked up to the edge of the bed and crawled in beside of me. "How are you feeling?" he asked me.. weak i responded and rolled over to face him, but with your help i think i can manage. i couldnt wait any longer so i pulled him into me and i kissed him hard on the lips and he returned the gesture, this time he wasnt holding anything back as he pulled himself upright and put me in his lap, his arms working their way to my waist while his lips moved on mine. "i love you Kaden," he moaned and that was all it took. the tears came down as he layed me back down and put his arms around my waist and i whispered just hold me and thats what he did.

when i woke up i looked at the clock and it said 4:00 p.m. i couldnt believe it was already that late, and where was Noel, the last time i saw him he was curled up beside of me and now he was gone. i forced myself to get out of the bed and went to the bathroom. i turned the faucet on and splashed water on my face. thats when i noticed the bruises, the huge bloody bruises on my neck and shoulders. i sank to the floor and grabbed my iphone and dialed Noels number.... i needed him now more than ever, and after lastnight and this morning, i was done keeping my feelings from him. he needed to know that i was dying, he deserved to know the truth. "Kaden?!" i heard Noels voice from my bedroom but i couldnt respond, i was too busy clutching my sides from the gut wrenching pain i had as i leaned over the toilet and threw up more blood.. this was it i thought, im dying. this is what dying feels like. "Kaden! Damnit Kaden answer me!" he yelled and then i felt his arms around my waist. he was holding my hair back as i threw up more blood, "damnit," he mumbled and he held me until i stopped. i was crying, i didnt want him to see me like this. Noel i groaned, just go, i dont want you to see me die.. then he did the unthinkable, most guys would have been horrified by me, they would have wanted to get as far away from me as possible but Noel picked me up and carried me to my bed and then he crawled in with me, pulled the covers over us and began kissing me. thats right, he kissed me... i was just heaving chunks of my blood into a toilet and here he was holding me in my bed and kissing me. "Kaden i love you, i told you i wasnt going anywhere, im not leaving you." Noel whispered in my ear. i let him hold me and i curled my body up into a ball beside of him.

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