Saving Kaden

Kaden is a normal 17 year old girl with a major problem... Leukemia is taking over her life. she has to battle her cancer while juggling an ongoing romance with a boy named Noel and her friendships with her bestfriends Ally, Jessie, Molly, and Chelsea along with their boyfriends. her only hope for surviving her cancer is Noel and the miracle that he and her grandparents are praying for. Kaden doesnt have her parents, they died when she was three. will she survive her cancer, or will it finally win her over. read saving kaden to find out.


5. Drifting

the next couple of days passed in a haze for me. i felt as if i were drifting from place to place. Noel had brought in my day nurses and my night nurses so that i could meet them and tell them a bit about myself. They all seemed nice but i could'nt really focus, i just wanted to be alone with Noel, but that was not going to happen until i showed interest in my treatment plans and nurses. Finally I was able to meet the doctor that was supposed to be able to save my life. His name was Dr. Greeves and he seemed to be a nice man. He had been dealing with Leukemia patients his whole life, his mother died of Leukemia and he dedicated his life to saving others from the disease. i was supposed to start my treatment as soon as possible but Noel told the doctor we would start in exactly a week, he explained how i needed time to adjust to my new surroundings and to my nurses. I was thankful for that but really i just wanted time alone with Noel. The night that i met the doctor Noel didn't seem himself, he wouldn't get in the bed with me like he usually did, he insisted on sleeping in a room down the hall from me. I was to tired to fight with him so I gave up on feeling better and let myself drift once again. This time it wasn't easy going to sleep, I couldn't stay asleep, memories came flooding back from the last times I had my cancer, to the times when I didn't know there was a doctor in Spain that could cure me, when I didn't know Noel felt the same way about me and I kept crying. Around 3 a.m. a storm blew up and the lightning was so intense that I had to hide under my duvet to gett away from it. My night nurse Clarise came in and tried to calm me down, but when she realized that there was nothing she could do she left calling for Noel and I thought to myself serves him right to see me like this, it was his fault I couldn't sleep anyways. Another crack of lightning struck outside of my window and i slammed my body down into the mattress and pulled the duvet over me once more and let the tears fall down my cheeks... i had to stop drifting, i told myself, i can't die like this, not now. I thought i should just give up when I heard Carise's voice again, in a more frantic tone than before she was screaming something about the windows but i was too afraid to look. Then I heard the glass shattering and I knew the lightning had struck the window and I knew I was to weak to get out of the bed so I curled myself up even tighter under the duvet and hoped that the glass wouldn't penetrate it. I felt strong arms wrap around the duvet and I knew that Noel had finally came to my rescue, in a soft voice he said, "Hang on Kaden, it's going to be alright." Okay I whispered still afraid from earlier and shaking from the adrenaline rush I had. Once Noel reached the bedroom that he had been sleeping in he sat the duvet with me in it down on the mattress and pulled me into his arms and held me. I was mad at him still so I pretended not to care that he was close to me, I just ignored the fact that he was holding me close and that i could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest. Noel must have sensed something was wrong because he let go of me and i just lied down and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of running water and the smell of bacon. I tried to get up but I felt a searing pain in my right shoulder so I just laid back down. I called out for Noel but there was no answer so I assumed that he was in the shower. Then I heard footsteps and my day nurse walked into my room and helped me sit up and showed me that I had a chunk of glass lodged in my shoulder and then she left to go get some supplies to remove the glass. When she removed the glass blood started spewing out of my cut and she bandaged my arm tightly so that the bleeding would stop, since she was my Leukemia nurse she knew that I would loose all my blood from that cut if it wasnt bandaged properly. She then brought me the bacon I had smelled and said she was leaving for a while to go get medical supplies for my treatment plan. I got up and went down the hall to my room and saw that it wasn't lightning that had broken the window but that there was a tree branch sticking through my room where the window had been. "It's pretty bad isn't it?" I heard Noel's voice. Yes i responded curtly and turned around to see him standing in his boxers. When he saw my shoulder had gauze on it he rushed to my side and said, "Are you alright! What happened?" I just shrugged and said glass. I was feeling pretty bad and I wasn't really mad at him anymore so I wrapped my arms around him and told him that I was tired. "I can fix that," he he crowed as he grabbed me up over his shoulder and carried me back to the bedroom. "How about a bubble bath?" he asked. Sure I smiled, I can use a bath, I feel pretty nasty. So Noel drew up the water and then waited for me to get settled in before coming back into the bathroom to sit down with me. "I was thinking," he said, "what if we go to the beach tomorrow?" That sounds wonderful, it really does. I was happy that he finally seemed interested in doing something with me now that we were here in Spain. He kissed me on the forehead and then left the bathroom so I could get out of the bath and dressed.

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