Saving Kaden

Kaden is a normal 17 year old girl with a major problem... Leukemia is taking over her life. she has to battle her cancer while juggling an ongoing romance with a boy named Noel and her friendships with her bestfriends Ally, Jessie, Molly, and Chelsea along with their boyfriends. her only hope for surviving her cancer is Noel and the miracle that he and her grandparents are praying for. Kaden doesnt have her parents, they died when she was three. will she survive her cancer, or will it finally win her over. read saving kaden to find out.


7. Deep Wounds

Noel came into our bedroom with tears on his cheeks and told me to call George. I immediately called George to see what the big deal was. "Kaden, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this..... but your Grams and Gramps are dead!" George coughed out... THEY'RE WHAT?? I screamed into the phone.. HOW? WHEN? WHY? i continued to yell as the tears came hot down my face. I felt Noel's arms wrap around me and I dropped the phone and turned around to face him and I buried my face into his chest and let him hold me there. "You need to lie down," Noel told me. I just followed him to the bedroom. "Your treatment was supposed to start in three days and earlier you said you wanted it to start tomorrow... When do you want to start?" Tomorrow i told Noel, I'm tired of being unhappy. I want to start tomorrow, and then I rolled over and cried myself to sleep.

"She's really sick Noel, we need to start right away. We can save her but it's going to take about three months of treatment and atleast five surgeries." I heard Dr. Greeves talking to Noel. Good, I thought to myself. thats plenty of time to grieve and i will be better by the end of that time. I had some hope, Noel and I could stay here in our house in Spain, we could be together and well at last. "I just want to have a couple minutes alone with her." I heard Noel's voice. Sweet Noel i thought. always wanting the best for me. I heard the door open and saw Noel for the first time since we found out the bad news from yesterday. he looked so fragile, his hair was wet from his shower and his face was dark red with worry. "Baby?" He said, "I'm scared.. I don't want to loose you, I love you Kaden Grace Khan." I sat straight up in the bed forgetting that all i had on was a tshirt and I crawled into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and i kissed him gently on the lips before reassuring him it was going to be alright. I love you Noel Lee Hemsway, i will be alright. we will make it through this together.

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