Now or Never

Kensi was in love with Niall who were both best friend as children, but when he goes off to to audition for the XFactor and doesn't even say goodbye... Kensi goes off to college with her new best friend Milly for acting and singing what happens when One Direction come to teach a class will she admit her secret feelings for him or let him leave without a word.......


1. College

"Milly stop it!"


"Please" Kensi said with a pout


Thank you, Kensi sighs.

Every morning Milly would wake her up by jumping on her bed, and eventually her. But whatever you get used to it after a while. 

"Anyway Kens guess what!"


"One Direction are coming tomorrow to teach a class for 2 months. You know Mr. Berts class, yeah well that one!"

I think back to 3 years ago when Niall was my best friend  and was telling me he wanted to audition for the XFactor, and we just laughed about it. The worst part is he actually did and never said goodbye, but whatever I didn't need him, I had Milly.


"What is it now Kensi."

"Nothing don't worry"

She didn't have to know about that part of my past. To her he was just my friend.

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