Pretend its Ok

Hailey Brown is an average girl. She goes to collage 5 days a week. She has a best friend named Claire. But the one thing that is so special about her is her cousin is in a famous boy band. Her cousin is Harry Styles. They are like best friends. But what will happen when she meets all if his famous friends? Read to find out.


1. Chapter One

Hailey's P.O.V

"OMG GET UPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!" My big sister, Abby, yelled. "Whyyyyy" I said sleepily. " WE ARE GOING TO SEE HARRY!" She screamed in my face. I quickly got out of bed and told Abby to get out and once she left I threw on a over the shoulder shirt. Then I threw on some short shorts and my red toms. Then I went into my bathroom and curled my hair. Harry is my cousin. Harry styles to be exact. We are like best friends. Abby only wants to see Gemma. Once I was done with my hair I went downstairs and made some tea and toast. I sipped my tea and took a bite of my toast. 5 minutes later my mom Karen came downstairs and Abby. My dad is at work. My dad is a doctor. My mom doesn't work. So we got into my moms car and drove to Anne's house. I have my own car I'm 19 but I had my mom drive us. Once we got out I went up and rang the doorbell. Harry opened the door and I was greeted by Molly rubbing herself against my legs. Molly is only a kitten and she is a cutie. I personaly love cats. They are really cute. Harry brought me in a tight hug. " Harry I cant breath!" I said breathlessly. " Opps sorry" He said not meaning it. " Shure you are" I said sarcastily. I went upstairs to his room but he stopped me. "Where do u think you're going?" He said stopping me. " To you're room" I said as a matter of factly. " Fine you win" He said defeated. I opened the door to 4 boys up I my face saying HI WERE ONE DIRECTION. "Um Hi" I said shyly. " Boys this is my cousin." Hailey Brown" Harry said. I waved. I'm a huge driectioner. But I was a bit shy. I wasn't to sure with their names. " Hailey this is Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis." Harry said pointing to the boy as he said their names. " I like carrots" Louis said. " Omg me to!" I said. I had a feeling we were going to be best friends.

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