Pretend its Ok

Hailey Brown is an average girl. She goes to collage 5 days a week. She has a best friend named Claire. But the one thing that is so special about her is her cousin is in a famous boy band. Her cousin is Harry Styles. They are like best friends. But what will happen when she meets all if his famous friends? Read to find out.


2. authors note

Hey my carrots! So this is my first movella so plz don't hate! I will update everyday. Unless im super busy. I will have a contest ( yes I know ive only updated a chapter but I still want to have one!) so the first person to comment they're favorite song gets to be a person in my movella. Just say ur favorite song, name, and who u want to date ( cant be Liam or Louis) and say if u wanna be my friend in the book or not. Hope u like it so far! Keep reading!






P.S  Team Payne or team Tomlinson?




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