Double Love

love is a delicate thing, it can ruin your life or turn it into a fairytale. I never knew what was coming for me when 5 boys stepped into my life. well, I found out the hard way.


4. the start

_______Elizabeths P.O.V_________


I was driving until i stopped at a stoplight. I turned on my music pretty loud until I heard even louder music next to me.I could easily tell she was listening to the song 'Catch me' by Demi lavato. Even though it was a great song, I couldn't hear my own.


I rolled down my window because i saw hers down. "Hey turn down your music! I cant here my own!" i yelled. It was kind of funny but she didn't hear. The light turned green and i continued my trip.


I finally got there and unpacked my bags. Some Staff member helped me carry my bags up to my room. "Thanks!" i said to him as i grabbed me key and opened the door.


"This needs some re-decorating!" I said. I quickly grabbed one direction posters and magazines from my suitcase and  layed them on my bed. I cut out the rest of the posters from my magazines and taped them on my wall. I didn't know who my roommate was gonna be so I kept them all on my side. I put the rest of them on the wall until I could barley see the dull grey walls underneath. There weren't too many, but enough to jazz it up a bit. Finally I put a light blue and green comferter on my bed with its matching sheets. I finished putting on some throw-pillows and stuffed animals and some other decorations on my side.


I sat on the couch and tryed to figure out the t.v. while someone walked in.  She had blonde hair and hazel eyes. 


"You must be MK." i said with a smile

"If that means marykate then yes."She looked down at an orange peice of paper."And your elizabeth?" she looked back up at me 


"Thats me!" "You can just call me Eliza, or Liz or Beth or Liza or lizzie.Ok thats alot of names, just call me Liza!" I said


"ok, sure!" 

"You look really familiar." I dont know where i saw her from. 


"Really?" she looked alittle confused.


"I know! You were blasting your music on the park-way!" 


"Oh! yeah that was me." we both let out a slight laugh then kept talking for alittle bit longer. 

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