Double Love

love is a delicate thing, it can ruin your life or turn it into a fairytale. I never knew what was coming for me when 5 boys stepped into my life. well, I found out the hard way.


6. sleepless night

_________Elizabeths P.O.V_________


It was getting late and appearently this place had 'curfew'. We both got on our pjs and talked some more. 

"So do you have any crushes?" i asked


"maybe, not really." she said with a smile on her face


"yes you do! I can tell! cmon you can tell me anything."


"The neighbors are kinda cute." we both giggled.


"Yeah i guess so. They are so perfect though! I can barley stand it."

"But you have to admit it. If they asked you out, you would say yes." 


"Maybe. if i got to know them first." 


we then decided to get to bed since it was past 'curfew'. I hate that word. We both got under our blankets and fell asleep. 


I woke up and looked at my clock. 10:46. A minute after i fell asleep before. I thought to myself 'c'mon  Liza. Not tonight.' Some nights i can never fall asleep. Its pretty frustrating, because of how much i enjoy sleeping. I kept trying but it wasn't worth it anymore. I needed to do something. 


I jumped out of the bed and took a Nyquil. I listened to music and played on my phone in the kitchen where Marykate couldn't see the light.

I looked at the time again. 12:09.  Im not staying in here to stay away all night. I grabbed my gutair and ran out of our dorm room, then our of the building. 


There was a walkway with a flight of steps on them so I started towards that. When I got there I started playing Little things. I really like playing that song, what do you expect?


"You cant go to bed, without a cup of tea. Maybe thats the reason that you talk in your sleep, and all those conversations are the secrets that I keep though it makes no sence to me."


Someone walked up to me from behind and sat down next to me. It was that Quil guy from next door.

"Cant sleep either?" he said


"No not really. "


"Yeah. I was walking along and saw you. Sorry if I interrupted anything."


"No it was nothing. I should probably get back anyway, before someone firgures out im not there."


"Me too. See you tommarrow."


He got up and left. Wanna know something? He wasnt wearing a shirt, all he was wearing was boxer shorts. Guys these days. 

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