Double Love

love is a delicate thing, it can ruin your life or turn it into a fairytale. I never knew what was coming for me when 5 boys stepped into my life. well, I found out the hard way.


2. out to explore the world

_________-Elizabeth's POV___________


Im Elizabeth. Im 19 years old and ready to start off to collage. This is a huge day! 


i just finished packing up my last bag. i zipped it up right when my older brother, Chase, walked in. 


"Collage is rough kid." he said        "yeah, i know. I will be alright though."i replyed


"As weird as you are, i know your gonna get bullied." he said while messing up my hair. 


"Hey!" i said while chasing him around my room. 


Then i heard my mom call from down stairs."C'mon Lizze. You need to head out now."


I grabbed my last bag and ran downstairs. my dad wasnt here. "Wheres dad?' i said


"He is waiting for you outside. Goodbye honey i will call you later." The tears were welling up in her eyes and she kissed my cheek. I walked out of the house and came across my dad sitting on the front steps.


'Daddy i will be ok." I said hugging him from behind.


"I know baby. Im just gonna miss my baby girl. " He said hugging me too.


"I should head out now. Love you." We let go of our hug and I put my bag in the car. I jumped in and shut the door behind me while starting the engine. My brother and mom came out on the steps and I waved to them all while they waved back. "Im really gonna miss this place." i say while driving away.


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