Double Love

love is a delicate thing, it can ruin your life or turn it into a fairytale. I never knew what was coming for me when 5 boys stepped into my life. well, I found out the hard way.


5. dorm wars

liza and I laughed and talked for a long time. she came here to take the courses singing and acting, but like everyone else she had to take a couple extra classes like, song writing or music.


"you are so lucky!" I said as I was making my bed with my blue and orange bed sheets.


"am not! he can be really annoying" she replied getting off of the couch to get another helping of spaghetti'os. we were talking about her older brother and how I wish I had a sibling.


we found out a lot of things about eachother. like our favorites and about our family. we both decided we liked music, it was like our life. and we kept cracking up about how we both blasted music on the way here.


I went over to the table in between our beds and turned on the radio, and the volume all the way up. no one was really supposed to come here until tomarrow but we both said we wanted to come early since we were so excited. so in that case no one was really in the dorms next to us.


 all of a sudden I heard a loud crash next door. liza came in with spaghetti'os spilled all over her shirt "are you ok?" she asked worriedly


"yea im fine. I think it was next door, uh spaghetti'os?" I questioned.


"ok yea, it spilled" she said and went back in the small kitchen and started making more. the music was still blasting. in the middle of the sweet country music and loud noise came from next door and a shout sounding something like "beat that!"


"liza what was that?" I asked


"I don't know I heard it too" she said. the music next door sounded like heavy metal and it was tunning out our sweet country!


"I will not stand for this nonsense!" I protested and turned the music up louder. liza just laughed. butsure enough the music next door turned up as well.

liza got up and opened the door. "what are you doing?" I asked.


"looks like we have neighbors" she mumbled and started down the hall. our dorm was the last dorm on the girls side so we had boy neighbors to the right. I got up and followed her. she knocked loudly on the blue door and the music stopped.


"hello?" a cute boy said. I was litterly drooling. but liza didn't even move. how could she basically have a model in front of her but not even show that she liked him? he had no shirt on and sandy colored hair with green eyes, oh and don't forget the abs.


"you better turn down your music because we cant hear our own!" she shouted


"what she means is, hey, im Mary Kate and she is Elizabeth" I covered up. liza shot me a dirty look and grumbled "liza not Elizabeth"


"oh ok strange way of saying that. im luke and my buddy over here is Quil. this is our second year" he said. then a brown haired and gray eyed boy pops up behind him, same body... oh la la.


"haha that's funny. its our first. um yea about the music...." I start


"DORM WARS!" is all theyshout and slam the door. liza has a disgusted face on and we hear their music go up. its on.





we play dorm war for 4 hours until one of the teachers comes up and tells us to tune it down. oh goodie we got on trouble on the first day.


we all sat by eachother and laughed and had a good time. new friends not bad. liza also explained to me that she didn't care about them, she had niall . I shrugged I didn't really know much about 1D so luke and quil looked pretty good to me.


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