Only Hope

In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents. She is always helping her mother with community service activities for church and everything that would make other people happy. She just have had a bad news at her life, which didn’t made her lose her faith.
When this One Direction band came to the city to have some free days, she gets to know one of the five guys, who suddenly wants to help her with these activities. They begin to spend most of his free time together. But he is not the relationship guy, he have never fallen in love.
But all is not always a bed of roses and a heart-breaking secret of her becomes known, their relationship hangs by a thread. It is when he discovers the true meaning of love, can they save their relationship and make all their dreams come true?


9. Chapter 8!

“24.06.2013 Hello Diane, how are you?

I’m fine, just a bit tired. I have been studying so much for my finals. Studying, helping my mom with the donations, visiting places and trying to find Anne’s sister have been really exhausting, you know?

I think I’m just trying to figure a way out of my thoughts. Maybe all these hard working is my subconscious trying to forget about my own problems. Helping people helps me think about others problems and forget about mine. Maybe that’s the reason of life. Maybe that’s the plans of God for each one of you. Help the most needy.

I’m doing just fine. It’s Saturday again, and during the week, I only saw the boys of One Direction twice this week when Harry went to pick up Leila at school. They all called Me, Kevin and Kim to go out for a coffee, but I don’t really feel like going out with them.

Girls started saying that I’m stepping away from them, but I don’t think so. I just think that I have lots of problems to deal by myself. Do you think I’m wrong?

I have to go, the girls are coming over!!

Love you, Bella"


"So, what happened between you and my cousin?" Leila asked acting like it was no big deal. I shocked and picked up a slice of the pizza inside the box just murmuring "hummmm?"

"Don't act jerk, Bella, you know what I just said." She replied back to me. "Yes, I know what you said. I just don't have the answer. "Of course you do. What happened that you hate each other?" She looked worried. "I don't hate him, Leila" she looked confused. "Well, he thinks you do." "Well, I don't. I rolled my eyes to her. "You guys should be nice to each other, I mean, I'm dating one of his best friends and so does Leila" Kim, that was quiet until now. "So I hink it really would be a great ideia if you just accelt to go out all of us together. I sighed.

"I don't feel like going out with no one, ok? All I want to do, is spend my free time with my best friends, please???" I begged them.

I chuckled at Leila when she failed on tryng to act mad at me but a smile came in her face and she threw a pillow at me.

"Fine, great like that. Look at this perf couple on the screen!!" I pointed to Gerard Butler showing at PS: I love you on TV. Every weekend when we don't have a party or festival or anywhere to go, we get together in someone's house to watch a romance.

Today we were at Kim's house and Kevin wasn't home because he was fucking with the girl he've met at Kristen's party. Looks like that party has had a lot of surprises, uh?


We slept ate Kim's house and the night together was one of the bests I've had since long time ago. I needed my friends just like we were last year. Nothing to worry about, nothing about boys, sex, illness... only us, chatting, eating, drinking and being crazy.

At the breakfast I was putting Syrup at the pancakes Kim's mom had cooked for us when a smiling Kevin came inside the kitchen. "Good morning sunshines." "Get off with that hapiness, Kevin!!" Kim shouted at him. I knew he was ecstatic because of the sex night with that girl. I like Kevin, that made me kind of sad. "Yes Kevin, fuck off." Leila said chuckling. I rolled my eyes and stand up. "Erhm, hey guys, I remembered I have to do something, call you later, ok? Bye" I grabbed my bag and left to my house.


My mom and I stayed all the afternoon watching movies and eating popcorn, my dad was out with some of his friends. I offered to go to Starbucks for us, and left.

The weather was perfect, not hot neither cold. I decided on wear my red legging with black low boot and a black coat. I found my gray beanie at my drawer and decided to use it.

I went walking because it was a good afternoon, five p.m is atill sunny and great for a walk. Besides, it's only tem minutes walking, it's the only Starbucks that is not located in downtown, so everyone comes here.

Whenever I got into Starbucks I heard some girls freaking out. "OH MY GOD, CAN YOU BELIEVE LIAM PAYNE WAS HERE????" A tall blonde girl was hugging both of her friends. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, oh my God, he's so sexyyyyy" she said giving emphasis at the word sexy. The other one was making obscenes gestures with her hands and hips. "I just wanna take him to my bed." The brunette girl was saying while looking at her phone with a picture of her and Liam.

That's kind of creepy, but cute too. Fingirling over a guy and having the chance to met him, is just the perfect moment in life. I mean, I would fingirl over One Direction, but Harry is a jerk and i haven't had the chance to meet the other boys yet. Maybe they are all jerks too, I don't know. I half smiled at them and went to the line.

After some minutes waiting, I ordered my Mocha double chip and a Frapuccino to my mom. The crazy fans wasn't here anymore, I was walking to the exit door and looked at the place the girls were fangirling before. I couldn't resist to smile.

I might have gotten a lot distracted because all that happened seconds later was that I felt the door swang in my face. I don't know how it happened, I just felt a pain in my nose, luckly I could hold the coffees, but I felt my nose bleeding.

"WHATAFUCK?" I shouted feeling my eyes watering of pain. "I'M SO SO SORRY, oh..." He stopped apologizing when he saw that was me. "Of course it was you, Styles!" "Well, It's not my fault if you put yout nose against the entrance door" He shouted back at me. At this moment, everyone was looking. "Are you ok?" a woman holding a baby came to me. "I'll be, thank you." I answered to the woman putting the drinks on the table and sitting. Harry followed me and sitted by my side, at this time I was crying. I got some papers to cover my nose. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" I nodded not wanting to talk to him.

After five minutes, I was leaning my head back at the chair and my nose was still bleeding. Harry stood all the time sitted there, both of us haven't said a word.

I gave up on waiting my nose stop bleeding and got up. I was in so much pain that it was killing me, could even imagine my nose covered in blood, and my eyes red of crying. I got up packing my the drinks when Harry looked at me. "Where are you going?" "Home" I tried to say, but the words didn't came right. He sighed by my side and rolled his eyes. "Come with me." He said walking in front of me. I made a "no" signal with my head and kept trying to go straight to the door. I wasn't feeling good, as I walked I could feel like I was drunk, everything was rolling, and I couldn't walk straight, suddenly everything turned black.

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