Only Hope

In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents. She is always helping her mother with community service activities for church and everything that would make other people happy. She just have had a bad news at her life, which didn’t made her lose her faith.
When this One Direction band came to the city to have some free days, she gets to know one of the five guys, who suddenly wants to help her with these activities. They begin to spend most of his free time together. But he is not the relationship guy, he have never fallen in love.
But all is not always a bed of roses and a heart-breaking secret of her becomes known, their relationship hangs by a thread. It is when he discovers the true meaning of love, can they save their relationship and make all their dreams come true?


8. Chapter 7

I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I mean, I can’t remember the night we first met at Kristen’s party, but I don’t think he was that asshole. I remember he coming to the liquor table and starting a conversation. Ok. And then, a bunch of girls came to his direction shouting stuffs trying to get him to bed and I walked out. After that, it’s like he had been possessed by a devil soul. He’s been rude and I don’t know why.

“AHAAA, I knew you liked him!!!” Anne squeezed me with a huge smile in her face. “What are you talking about, Anne?” I rolled my eyes to her, turning my position so I wouldn’t be able to look at Mr. Badass Styles at his phone. “I’m talking about you been out of space for like, 5 minutes just looking at him.”

“I wasn’t looking at him, Anne, I was just thinking.” “About?” I half smiled. “About my life, my secret, you know…” “Yeah, I know…” she frowned “I wish you wasn’t like that.” “Hey, I’m gonna get better, ok? I swear.” I said picking her up to my lap. She smiled and hugged me. “Plus, you’ve told me your mom have had a daughter years before having you, that you don’t know, right?” She just nodded. “I have to find her for you. That’s my big goal right now.” She smiled kissing my cheek.

I love this girl so much, I have to find her name, but it’s really hard since Anne doesn’t know anything about her sister. All she knew was that her name is Kemi and she must be 17 by this time. She has been taken away from her mom when she was five by Anne’s and Kemi’s grandmother, the mother of their dad. Apparently, she was thinking that their mom had no condition in life to take care of Kemi. Years later, Anne came to the world, but have never had the chance to meet her sister. But I’m working on it, and I’ll get to do something to help her.

Hours later, it was time to go. Harry-boring-Styles was the very first one to get out of the sofa and ran to the bus, just saving some seconds to say goodbye to some kids. He totally fake, when there’s cameras around, he’s cute with needy kids, but when he’s on vacations, all he does is stay in his phone? That’s pathetic.

I said bye to Anne and everyone, promising to her that I’d write her a letter soon. Unfortunately, the only seat available for me was the one behind Harry’s. He was sitting with the same woman that has talked to him earlier. I couldn’t resist listening to their conversation.

“Harry, you shouldn’t act like this.” The woman said. “I know, mom, but all I wanted today was stay in home with the lads.” So she was his mom? She does not look like a mom, I mean, she’s so much prettier than me.

She’s tall, brunette, with beautiful light eyes a beautiful smile. I’m not a directioner, so I didn’t know how Harry Styles’ mom look alike, nor the other boys’ mom.

I got closer to his seat, touching his with my ear so I could hear better. I got to listen better as they kept talking.

“I know, dear, but you need, ok? You promise that you’d help me with my stuff at church if I let you stay home with the guys.” “Ok mom, I just wanna rest before going on a year on tour, ok?” “I love you.” “Love you too.” I moved back on time to see him get closer to her and kissing her forehead. So he is the babie of his mom? He turns into a cutie little guy when it becomes to his mom, but into a completely jerk around girls he’ve never seen in his life.



Nice. A/N: I'm sorry for the short chapter guys. My trip over Toronto is just getting over and I have no time even for myself anymore. I promise things will get better haha Love you!!!

And Kemi, I hope you enjoy it!!! xx

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