Only Hope

In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents. She is always helping her mother with community service activities for church and everything that would make other people happy. She just have had a bad news at her life, which didn’t made her lose her faith.
When this One Direction band came to the city to have some free days, she gets to know one of the five guys, who suddenly wants to help her with these activities. They begin to spend most of his free time together. But he is not the relationship guy, he have never fallen in love.
But all is not always a bed of roses and a heart-breaking secret of her becomes known, their relationship hangs by a thread. It is when he discovers the true meaning of love, can they save their relationship and make all their dreams come true?


15. Chapter 14!

“02.09 Hi Diane, how’s everything going?

I know it’s been a little long that I don’t talk to you, but there’s so much going on. Cn you believe that tonight I’m going out with Kevin?

Yep, me neither!!! I was in the car with Harry(!!!) and he called me asking to. I don’t know what movie we are gonna see, but I’m excited. You know how I always wanted to go out with him.

It’s not a date, of course, but I can pretend it is, right?

Harry’s still the same crazy piece of celebrity. Sometimes he’s so lovely that makes me wanna kiss him. I never really thought about that before, it’s the first time here with you, but it’s true.

He has the perfect smile I’ve ever seen, those cute dimples makes me smile. His hair and his body smells so good. He has such huge hands that makes me wonder how does it feels to hold it and to be in his arms.

There’s times when all I wanna do is be with him, but then he turns out into this monster who doesn’t threat me well, making me feel like shit, more than I already do sometimes.

But whatever. I can’t think about him, I won’t think about him. Anyway, do you wanna know how I’m dressed for tonight?

Well, the weather is not so good, it’s kind of cold outside, and since I don’t like cold that much, I decided to wear my grey legging, with black ankle boots and my short black Jack Daniels shirt, it has long sleeves and a black leather jacket. What Do you think?

I wanted that night to be special, so curlied my hair to make it bounce like a basketball. With a grey beanie. For make up, I put my maybeline mascara, blush and gloss.

I think that’s enough. I know I’m not the prettiest girl, but it’s worth to try, right?

Well, Kevin's coming; I have to be ready, talk to you soon!

Love, Bella."

I looked myself at the mirror, feeling really beautiful. My boobs-sized hair was curlied, the beanie gave it a charm. I started wondering for how long would I be that pretty? Of course I'm not a Victoria's Secret top model, even though I always wanted to be an Angel, but I really feel beautiful.

I don't understand those girls who think they are ugly, everyone should find themselves pretty. If you don't, then who will?

But at some point of the life, all the beauty goes away. It's sad to think that mine's going earlier than everyone's.

I pictured myself with three more years. I saw my reflection with a sad, ugly face, looking extremely tired with pale skin, my eyes had dark circles and were funds, and I had almost no hair.

I felt the urge to cry, the pain in my throat was saying that I was about to cry every tear I have been keeping.

When my face started becoming red and my eyes full of water, the ring bell woke me up from my nightmare making me jump.

"BELLA?" My mother shouted from downstairs. "KEVIN'S HERE!!!" I fast got my purse throwing my documents, wallet, lipstick, Iphone and the house keys inside of it.

My mum was about to shout my name again when I appeared behind her. She glared at me with a 'Wow' face and gave me space to pass.

"Good bye mum, I love you!" I kissed her forehead.

"Love you too, darling. Have fun, both of you! And be back soon!!!" I heard her say after I closed the door.

"Hello!" I smiled at Kevin who was standing right in front of me wearing a black t-shirt with a 'V' neck, the shirt marked the well-defined muscles of spending so much time at the gym and skinny jeans. So sexy that I could barely stop looking at him.

"Hey Bella, how are you?" It's fun how I feel so comfortable around him. We've been best friends since forever, I could act so carelessly and still he wouldn't mind. Maybe that's why he never thought about dating me.

"I'm fine... You?" We went to his car, I don't know if I was expecting him to open the car's door for me, but I got a little disappointed when he didn't.

"I'm ok. Were you going to do something tonight?" He started the car and started driving.

I was feeling butterflies, breathing hardly, praying for him not to notice my sweat hands.

During all the way he was being just the normal Kevin, making jokes, laughing and singing along the music playing on the radio.

He then, parked the car. I got out of it and he came by my side, not ashamed of taking a look at me from tip to toe. I could feel my cheeks getting ready and looked to the other direction with a little smile on my face.

"Have I told you look really good today?" He said turning his face to the other side of the street, maybe to not look at me while saying that.

"No, but thanks... Only today?"' I forced a giggle so we didn't need to be in that awkward moment when both of us just can't say anything else.

"Nah, everyday but the days when you had that thing on your nose!" Not hesitating, he put his right arm around my shoulder just like he always did.

'Ok, maybe it's not a date. It's just a casual date, as friends!!! Keep calm, Bella.' I said to myself in mind, taking a deep breath.

"Oh my God, forget that days, Kevin!!!" I chucked, getting on the movie line with him. He had already bought the tickets online, so we just went right to the line.

"It's funny to think of someone hitting you right on the face... WITH A DOOR!" He yelled making some people look at us. I gave him a bump in the shoulder making a 'shhh' sound. "Seriously, Bella, how could you do that???" He laughed even harder.

My mind suddenly flew to Harry's face. His godamn pretty eyes with perfect smile synchronized to those cute dimples. I couldn't control myself from smiling. I've never seen such so beautiful eyes; they make wanna look at them forever.

If I had the chance or if Harry wasn't so bipolar, I would spend more time with him.

"Right Bella? Bella!!" I heard Kevin calling my name cutting me off my thoughts.

"Oh, yeah, sure" I nodded, having no idea of what he was talking about. Hoping he hasn't asked something like if I was thinking about someone else or if I was with diarrhea.

"What were you thinking about?" He looked at me smiling with confused eyes.

“Er, nothing, just that that’s such a good night. Look at the moon, how pretty it is” I said pointing to the moon, slightly shaking my head, sending the thoughts of Harry away.

“Yeah, nice” He said ignoring me. I always knew he wasn’t a romantic, but talking about the moon was the faster way out I could find.

I don't even know why I always wanted him to be my boyfriend. I'm not the girlie girl, but I like cute boys, who keeps telling me how pretty I am, or that sends me text messages, or buys me chocolate (I'm a chocoholic), and that's pretty much everything Kevin is not.

He likes to date slutty girls who are going to fuck with him all night long, and will forget about him on the other day. They'll call him on next weekend for free fucks again, and that's how the circle goes.

I don't even know why or how he's my best friend. maybe it's just because he's Kim's brother. If not, he wouldn't even know my name.

We got to sit at the seats, he was in my left side. The room was full of people. Most of them was couple. Loads of couples being lovelies, men holding hands with their girlfriends, kissig them on the mouth.

That made a little bit upset, because I wanted Kevin to do the same with me.

Or maybe Harry. My mind, once more, flew to Harry's cute face. I started wondering how would it fell being warmed by his arms. His kisses must be the lovely thing in the world.

I shook my head sending the feelings and the butterflies away.

"Wow, that's awesome. Isn't it?" Kevin whispered/yelled by my side, turning to look at me.

I looked at the screen were the man was in an astronaut cloth lost in the space. He looked scaried and was trying to talk to someone that apparently easn't listening to him through the radio.

"Yeah, awesome!" I tried to act like I was totally aware of what had just happened. "He must be sad" I said.

"Yes, like, can you imagine being lost alone on the space?" I sighed in relief because I said it right.

"I wouldn't mind. That's dreadull." I smiled to him and turned my face to the big screen, forcing myself to pay attention in the movie.



A/N: Hey guys I'm sorry I took soo long to post this chapter... It's just my life is soooo crazy! I have to go to college, to work and still have time to myself and to writte this movella. I'm sorry. I'll try to be faster.

PLEASE, I'm just asking for you guys to comment your opinions about this. If you're not liking it, then Ill stop posting, because it's not seccedding the way I wanted it to :(

Ok, Have to go, love ya'll! :D xx



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