Only Hope

In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents. She is always helping her mother with community service activities for church and everything that would make other people happy. She just have had a bad news at her life, which didn’t made her lose her faith.
When this One Direction band came to the city to have some free days, she gets to know one of the five guys, who suddenly wants to help her with these activities. They begin to spend most of his free time together. But he is not the relationship guy, he have never fallen in love.
But all is not always a bed of roses and a heart-breaking secret of her becomes known, their relationship hangs by a thread. It is when he discovers the true meaning of love, can they save their relationship and make all their dreams come true?


14. Chapter 13!

We decided first to go look for a personal stylist that would agree to make the children's uniform for free. I thought it'd be easier considering the fact that they're famous. We were at Starbucks making some calls when Niall gave the idea that we could build a little stage in the field, so the boys could sing during the breaks.

"I like that idea so far", I said nodding and smiling at him. I've read in the internet that their fans think Liam's the cuttest one, but for me it's Niall. His light blue eyes and blonde hair are so adorable... and the way sometimes his cheeks gets red makes him look a lot younger than he is. He looks so protective. Everything Harry's not!

"Yeah, me too" Zayn said shrugging. He annoys me a little bit. The way he acts like he's the coolest guy in the world, like he does't give a fuck to anything makes me feel intimidated. His eyes are the most perfect thing I've ever seen and the way his face is always serious makes him look so sexy.

"I think we could put Louis as a clown to the kids" Liam said after take a bite of his coffee, putting his left arm behind me in my chair making me feel unconfortable. He laughed at his own joke... I like the way he laughs because his eyes get almost totally closed and I think that's really cute. I looked to Harry, who was by my left side laughing showing off his dimples.

"Ha-ha, you're funny, Liam! Why don't you do that yourself?" Louis protect himself pretending to be serious. Louis is the kind of guy that would make a girl smile even in the hardest days. His blue eyes and beautiful smile are so charming that I think he could be a prince.

"You're perfect for this, Lou", Liam said doing the exact same thing he did in their Best Song Ever video.

"Don't say that, Liam, you're being mean", Harry put one hand on Louis' shoulder. "I think you could do the clown thing," we all laughed, Louis threw his hands up in the air.

"Hell yeah!! In your face Leyum! Protect me, Harry" Louis exclaimed making everyone around us turn to look at us.

I realized thing were about to start being agressive between them, and I'd feel really uncomfortable if they started fight, even though they'd still be friends.

After the coffee we went't to solve the problems about the kids' uniform. We had to go to six different taylor's until find one who'd accept to costumize the uniforms for free. Luckly, the last one had a daughter who was crazy about One Direction and agreeded to make it for us.

When I looked at my phone to reply Kevin's text I realizes it was already 7 p.m. "Uh, hey guys, would you mind taking me home?" I asked to no one in particular. They were taking body measurements for their uniform. Harry looked at me without saying a word, acting like I wasn't there.

"Do you have something important to do?" Louis asked looking at my reflection at the mirror. I shrugged remembering about what I was going to do: nothing. And by nothing I mean watch a movie with my parents and Billy.

"So stay with us!" Niall exclaimed smiling. He had his arms open because the taylor was measuring it.

"I don't think so..." I tried not to look when Zayn started taking his pants off to put on the uniform shorts.

"Why not? We can be fun, you know." He replied back.

"What are you guys up to?" They all looked at each other not knowing the answer. I giggled.

"We don't know." Harry was the one to say. "Maybe I can take you now". He was kind of rude. I just looked at him and nodded.

Everyone kept looking at me with confused expressions. I was getting used to Harry's attitudes, sometimes he was such a lovely person, but sometimes he could turn into a monster. I started questioning if this was to everyone or just me.

"No, Harry, she's gonna stay" Liam said looking at me with a cute smile. Harry looked at him and back for me.

"Ehr, no, Liam, it's ok. I really need to go." I said trying to disguise that I was about to kill Mr Styles.

"Do you have something important to do?" He was being insistent.

"Yeah, kind of." Of course I was lying, at this time my mom must be making popcorns for our movie session.

"Ok then..." He said shrugging.

I apologized and said the goodbyes, going in direction to Harry's car. When I slammed the door, he just gave me a look trying to figure out if I was mad, but I just sat there with my arms crossed and mouth shut.

We were in the middle of the way when Kevin called me.

"Hello?" I said bitting ny lower lip.

"Hey, Bella. How's everything?"

"Fine, you?" I looked at Harry, he tried to disguise, but I saw him looking at me by the corner of his eyes. Maybe he was trying to discover who was talking to me.

"I'm good. What are you going to do tonight?"

"Nothing... I think." I didn't want him to think that I'm a loser who has nothing to do on a Saturday night.

"So, Kim and Leila can not come, but I was thinking if you'd like to go to the cinema. There's this awesome movie I wanna see."

"Why don't you call the girl you met at Kristen?" I rolled my eyes. Harry was quiet all the way.

"I'm not with her anymore. So... What you think?"

I thought for a moment. I didn't want to stay home tonight. I was going to stay with One Direction boys, but Harry was so rude that I gave up. Everything I've always wanted was to go on a date with Kevin, but he never seen to want that either.

I know Kevin very well, he wouldn't try anything with me even if I asked him to, but I think going out to see a movie with a (handsome!) guy must be better than stay home.

"Well..." I gave Harry a quick look, who looked back at me and forced a smile, before answer. "Sure, why not?"

"What time can I pick you up?"

"What time does the movie start?" I put my thumb on my mouth and started biting the corner of my nail. That's something I always do whenever I get nervous or butterflies.

"At 9:35" I looked at my clock, it was saying 7:45, I had enough time to get ready.

"Hum, how about 8:40?"

"Perfect. See you, then..."

"Bye." I hang up, putting my phone inside my purse trying to hide the smile on my face. I coulnd't wait to go out with Kevin. I had two options: Either it was going to be amazing or a disaster. I'd rather choose amazing.

"Are you really going out?" Harry suddenly said. He had his left hand on the steering wheel and the other hand was out the window, he looked like he was a bad boy of a musical clip. Sexy and handsome.

"Yes, I told you before" I did not wanna talk to him.

"I didn't believe you" He smirked turning his head to look at me. My mouth went in an 'o' shape.

"Whatever." I shrugged deciding not to give a fuck about his attitudes.

"Seriously, you were not convincing, but the boys would like if you had stayed with us" He said making me remember about the way he acted when Niall and Liam insisted for me to stay.

"Yeah, bet they would..." I said rolling me eyes.

"What are you going to do?"

"It's not your business, Styles" I glared at him and he smirked. If only he knew how much I hate that smirk.

"Stop being rude, girl." He parked in the entrance of my house and stoped the car, turning his body so he could look at me.

"Says the rude one..." I opened the door. "Thanks for bringing me. I'll see you around"

"You won't tell me where you're going because you're going out with a guy?" He looked serious, his eyes got a little dark and he was looking at the house behind me, not me.

"Maybe" I had a quick pause. "Why?" I got out of the car looking at him through the window that was opened.

"Nothing..." He said, then started the car. "Just curiosity, take care." I stood there without saying a word, looking at the car getting far.

I turned to my house going to it's direction. As soon as I got in my mom came running to me asking how the day has gone.

"How do you know I was with all of them, mom?" I said laughing. She sat at the couch giving a glare that I could read as "I'm your mother, I know everything". "Go, spit it out, mom"

"I called Anne" She fast said looking at the roof trying not to smile.

My mom is so beautiful, she's like an angel. My angel. Whenever I'm falling apart, she's here to pull me up. Her smile always makes me smile, maybe that's why it's hard for us to have an argue, we have a great relationship.

"Anne, the girl from the orphanage?"

"No, Anne, Harry's mother." She said and burst out into laughter.

"MUM! I can not believe it!!!" I giggled. "Why? Why would you do that?"

"Oh, c'mon, I got curious, I needed to know how was it going."

"Couldn't you wait until I got home???" I said like it was an obvious thing

"Nope, sorry!" She laughed even more.

“ALRIGHT, MISS COOPER" I said standing up, "this conversation is really good, you made me laugh, but I really have to go” 

“Are you going out?”

“Yes, to the cinema with Kevin”

“Really? You going on a date with him?” She said looking a little but worried.

“Not a date mum, the other girls can’t go, so it’s only me and him” I rolled my eyes knowing that was a lie, for me, it was a date.

“Look, darling, you know the consequences of getting envolved with someone, so just be honest, ok?” She stood up.

“Ok, mum, I have to go, ok? Love you!” I shouted going upstairs.



A/N: I'm sorry I took so long to update guys... Please, keep commenting and giving me ideas, I need it!!! Love y'all. xx

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