3 Way to Love


1. New Girl



I took a deep breath, adjusted my bag on my shoulder and walking through the doors of my new middle school. 

A new beginning. Just moved from a small town, and now I'm in the city. The perks of being a Marines' daughter.

Teens ran everywhere, screaming and talking to friends. Teachers right behind them telling them to stop all the chaos. I sighed, having no idea where my homeroom is. I headed for the office, since I didn't have my schedule yet, being the new girl and all. I've been through this so many times, but its always different. This time, from the first impression already, should be quite interesting.

I barely stepped into the office when the counselor shoved a piece of paper into my hand.

"I was just going to find you!" She said with a happy smile. I gave her a small grin, but she didn't buy it. "Don't worry, you will be just fine.  7th grade will be great here!" She pushed me along, giving me rough directions on where I need to go. I nodded, thanked her and headed off down a long hallway. I took the stairs down to the first floor, and turned a sharp right, down another hall. I'm never going to know where to go. I sighed to myself.

I stepped into the classroom, just a few seconds before the late bell rang. Everyone turned, and I heard a few whispers. Typical response. I dropped my head, and took a few steps to the teachers desk. She greeted me with a smile and pointed to an open seat. I pulled off my bag and set it on the floor next to my chair, taking a seat. I still heard whispers coming from behind me, so I peered around, meeting a few peoples eyes, but quickly looked away.

The girl next to me tapped my arm. I turned towards her, meeting her smile.

"Hi, I'm Chloe." She told me.

"I'm Veronica, but call me Ronnie." I replied back, giving her a small, polite smile.

The teacher, Mrs. Johnson, stepped to the front of the class, welcoming us to the beginning of the school year. She went over rules, and then we stepped up one at a time to get our locks for lockers.

Towards the end of the class, I finally began to relax. I spoke to a few kids, but not any real conversations, just a hi my names, what's yours.

We ended up staying in home room all day for that first day, just to go over rules and get used to being in school again.

The bell rang for the end of the day, and I pushed through the crowd of kids, out the door.

That was an ok first day I guess....


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