made to fly

this is for the inspired song competition. Amy is always getting bullied and she loses her friends to a popular girl and she has no one the dad died when she was 3 and her mom is always working or out clubbing. music helps her get away from the world . her favorite artist is little mix and she listens to wing cos she feels like it helps her get through her whole high school year of all this torment.


1. bullies

Amy's P.O.V 

    EWW!!! look at Amy shes so fat. I heard Samantha say. and look at her ugly  sweater. how was i ever  her friend. said Erica (my EX BFF). I ignored them and walked to class. once i got passed those snotty brats I was pushed into a locker by some jocks. walk much Sarah said (other EX BFF) i made it to class then 20 min. later the bell rang. i grabbed my backpack and walked home with the stray dog that always walks with me. I talk to him and tell him how my day went. some times i get the strange feeling some one watches me go home but then i realized that its just the jocks and poplars. once we get to my house i let him come and eat some leftovers from the fridge. my mom wont mind shes always at work i almost never get to see her. then i start to get ready for work while jack the stay dog plays with the chew toy I bought him for Easter. then i grab the leash and collar i got so i can tie him up whale I  work. I'm saving up for a little mix concert with backstage passes. i cant wait to get my paycheck so I can buy them. then we arrive at my work i tie him out side and then i clock in. 

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