The Storyteller

April had a wonderful life until she got an abusive and demanding boyfriend. now her life is a living hell but she can't seem to bring herself to end it. when she goes for a walk by a train track she sees a boy standing on them, and the train is coming, without thinking she pushes him out of the way and takes her own life. when she wakes up she is in heaven. She is told that because she took her own life to save someone else's, she gets to return to earth to make sure a story that someone wrote goes according to plan. Her story is Harry Potter (lucky her) so now she gets to go be a witch and make sure everything is how it should be, but that is a difficult task, can she make it happen?


6. Trains and Smoking

The boy looked no more than eleven, and he was just standing on the train-tracks, looking strait down them. All I could see of him was short, brown hair, dark wash skinny jeans, and a plain blue long sleeve shirt. He must have been sweating, it was hot!

"Hey, what ya doin?" I was pretty cool about most things at the moment, I did smoke a lot.

The boy looked over at me. "I know my parents sent you, don't try and stop me!"

"Stop you from what?"

"What do you think, I'm on a train track?"

"You must have dropped your ticket." He didn't look amused. He just looked forward again. I just sat there not really sure what to do. Then I looked around and found myself on the other side of the fence, how did I get here? I didn't remember climbing over.

I started to walk to the boy. He remained stationary, though I knew he knew I was there.

I looked around. It was the train tracks from my dream a few weeks back. Did that mean I was going to die? Huh, I guess I'll find out.

"How's life?" I was still pretty high.

"Shitty, why do you think I'm here?"

"Language! Your only like, 11."

"Go fuck yourself, I'm 13." My little smile went away.

"Well, why are you here at just 13?"

"It's none of your business, are you here for the same reason?"
"Possibly, I dunno. I might. Will you just tell me why your here to do this? If your really gonna follow through don't you need some sort of reason to leave behind?" I could tell he was considering it.

"I'll tell you if you give me a smoke." I didn't realize I still had the cigarette in my mouth. I lit one up for him. When he first inhaled he coughed, but kept on going, it took a bit before he stopped coughing. "How did you get these?" He asked.

"My boyfriend. No clue how he got them. . . How did you get to this point in your life?"

He let out a big sigh. "I used to live in Texas, and I loved it there, until my family picked up and moved here. I was enrolled into East Junior High, it was pure hell. Just because I wasn't exactly like them I was always bullied, but mostly physically. The teachers didn't care, I told them about it, and they said they would take care of it, but not a thing was done. I also talked to my parents, but they just ignore me, they really don't care about me. So I've had enough. I'm done."

I could feel myself slipping out of highness. "Huh, well if I do it, it's because of my cigarette-supplying boyfriend. He ruined my life. Now you, you are young enough to pull yourself out of this, don't do it."

"I'm going to, try and stop me." He looked back forward. There was a train blow in the distance. I could feel my heart drop. Though I couldn't see the train yet, it was coming, this kid was serious.

Two more quick blows, I could feel the rumble of the train, it was coming into view. I immediately snapped back to sober.

The train was blue with two dirty yellow stripes up it that clearly used to be white. It looked old, and dented. I'm sure that it used to be electric blue until the sun hit it. The windshield was flashing at us, I squinted and made a sun shield over my eyes.

The rocks sitting on the tracks were bouncing around, The metal rods started to vibrate. "Any second thoughts?" I asked him in a casual way, which musta sounded stupid. He shook his head. "Nope." He didn't look doubtful.

The train was coming fast, maybe 100 feet away. The boy leaned over. " If your gonna do it, you'd better get on now." 30 feet away. I replied, "I'm gonna do it, but your not."  10 feet. He looked at me. "What do you me--" I launched myself at him, knocked him out of the way and felt the train hit me at 70 miles an hour.

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