The Storyteller

April had a wonderful life until she got an abusive and demanding boyfriend. now her life is a living hell but she can't seem to bring herself to end it. when she goes for a walk by a train track she sees a boy standing on them, and the train is coming, without thinking she pushes him out of the way and takes her own life. when she wakes up she is in heaven. She is told that because she took her own life to save someone else's, she gets to return to earth to make sure a story that someone wrote goes according to plan. Her story is Harry Potter (lucky her) so now she gets to go be a witch and make sure everything is how it should be, but that is a difficult task, can she make it happen?


5. Gone

I walked in the front door of my house and turned to the kitchen. I hadn't eaten all day because I was I was preoccupied with . . . other things. As I walked in both my parents were there, with a look of panic, my father had a phone in his hands clearly about to dial 911.  When I walked in they both turned around both with a tousled sort of look. My mother just stares at me, then runs over and hugs me and just starts crying, then my father joins her. It blows. I've had just all the physical touch I need to last me the rest of my life.

"I thought you were kidnapped and were going to be raped or something!" She managed to choke out 1/2 of a true sentence.

"I'm fine, just volunteered to stay after school and help out a bit. I sent you a message, you clearly didn't get it." I managed to squirm out of their arms and make it to the fridge to grab out a left over piece of pizza. I took a big bit out of it not even thinking or worrying about my diet schedule or what type it was or anything.

I turned around to look at them. Their tear-stricken faces looked kinda shocked and like a 'are you lying?' sort of look.

"What?" That wasn't really what I was expecting to turn around to.

They looked at each other. "Well, with your behavior over  the last couple months, we cant exactly trust you, can we?"  Sue was prepared for anything at this point, knowing my mother, she would already have any situation outcome blocked. But she wasn't the only one prepared.

I got into a stance that would give me total mobility at the blink of an eye. "So that means . . .?"

Josh held out his hand. "Let me see your phone." I knew where he was going with this, my messages were going to be looked at. I took a step back. I couldn't afford for them to check my messages. If they found out all my messages were to Carl, and not a single one was to them, I was dead meat.


"Honey, this is for your own good." That remark didn't make any sense. How was checking my messages for my own good? It didn't matter, they just couldn't see them. My father took a few steps toward me. I turned around and ran out the doorway on the right of the room.

My house is very square shaped. When you first walk in the stairs are right in front of you. to the left is our dining room with lots of large windows. To the right is clearly meant to be a TV room. only a few small windows with dark colored walls and carpets. it runs the entire length of the house. The dining room cuts 1/2 way off for the kitchen on the other side. Under the stairs there is a little hallway connecting the two. That's where the back door resides. It's too small for any furniture but the whole wall is just windows so is ideal for my moms plants.

I ran through that little hallway and instead of just escaping through the back door I kept going. I checked behind me and only my mother was behind, not my father. I knew he waiting for me at the end of the TV room, but it was too late to turn around. My assumption was correct. He was waiting there, no point in trying to run now, I was surrounded.

"Hand over the phone." Josh's hand was outstretched. I handed over the phone. He looked at the phone with wonder and curiosity, like a girl who discovered cosmo magazine.

"Who is Carl?"

My mom piped in. "Isn't he that guy that you said it didn't work out after a week of dating?"

"Well whoever he is he is the only one with messages to . . . so you lied to us."

"No, I just erased my messages right after I texted you."

"These messages go back months ago. You would have deleted them by now." Josh clearly isn't convinced. I'm screwed, the jig is up.

"You lied to us, that proves you aren't responsible, now where were you for real?"

"I told you, at the school." I avoided their gaze. I really didn't want to see the disappointment in their faces.

"Yeah, well earlier I called the school to ask if you were there, and they said you were marked absent for all your classes, we really need to know where you were." Sue sounded more angry than concerned.

"I turned around and looked at her, "It's none of your business where I've been."
"It really is April! And until you've told us where you decided to go today, you will be grounded and not be leaving your room at all!"

I turned to my dad, expecting to see some sort of disapproval in his face, but there was no trace of it. In fact, the exact opposite. "You're actually OK with this?" I knew I sounded spoiled and annoyed, I didn't care, this just couldn't happen.

"Oh yes. And you can't have phone either."
"I opened my mouth to scream what, but Sue beat me there.

"You can stop it all now if you tell us where you were and you will get off a little better."
"UGGGHHHH! WORST DAY EVER!" I ran right past my dad and up the stairs to my room.

My room is right above the kitchen, so I have a pretty good view of our boring backyard. My room is pretty bare. It is painted blue though, that's about all that's cool about it. I have a bed and drawers, and directly across from my bed is a hanging mirror. There's nothing on the walls or on my drawers, no pictures or anything, just lame nothing.

I ran straight to my bed, layed down and started sobbing. I sobbed not because I wasn't permitted to leave, or because I didn't have my phone, but because I was going to have the living shit beaten out of me. One way or the other.

When I told my parents the other day that I didn't do drugs, I have smoked a few cigarettes before, all that was Carl's doing. Once he gave me a pack, and instead of throwing them away I just stashed them away in my closet. I dug them out and found a lighter under a pack of clothes. I lit one up and started smoking. Once that one was burnt through I lit up another, and another, and another until there were only three left out of a ten pack. I could see the smoke just floating around my room. It made my eyes water, I didn't need to light up anymore, the worlds biggest cigarette was right around me.

I needed to get out of the house for bit, to go to who knows where. I wasn't sure if I would return, didn't really consider it. I tried the door, locked. Luckily I was prepared for something like this in case Carl needed me. I already had a rope. I pulled it out and tied it around my bed post and threw it out the window onto the roof and then off it to the backyard. I climbed out the window and shut it again to hopefully contain the smoke incase I came back. I crawled down the rope and into the backyard, it was warm. I walked out the back gate and just started walking. I put my hands in my pockets just to find the cigarettes and the lighter, so I lit up another. Great, now I'm addicted.

Where was I going to go? I had no friends, and I wasn't going back to Carl's for another gangbang with six other guys. Right about now I wished I had my friends back, more than ever. But they were all scared off within the first week Carl and I were together. After our second date two days after the first he became who he is now, and completely shut me off from any contact with other peers. Whenever my friends tried to call or anything he would just grab my phone and hit end. Eventually one of my friends came to the table Carl, me, and his friends were eating at to check on me and he just stood up and said to her, "Can't you tell she doesn't want to be your friend anymore? Jeez take a hint, she thinks your a loser and to clingy, and to beat it." She ran off crying. After that no one wanted to talk to me. And to make matters worse, people thought I was a slut because I 'hung out' with only guys who could say or touch me in any way they wanted to. And all I could do was smile. Carl didn't care what his friends did to me, but he would beat the shit out of anyone who tried to act that way towards me. I was always alone.

So that ruled out friends houses. I guess I would just walk. I walked Right out of the neighborhood, across a foot bridge, and along a river always in a straight line until I came to a chain-link fence, and on the other side was a train-track and a young boy.


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