The Storyteller

April had a wonderful life until she got an abusive and demanding boyfriend. now her life is a living hell but she can't seem to bring herself to end it. when she goes for a walk by a train track she sees a boy standing on them, and the train is coming, without thinking she pushes him out of the way and takes her own life. when she wakes up she is in heaven. She is told that because she took her own life to save someone else's, she gets to return to earth to make sure a story that someone wrote goes according to plan. Her story is Harry Potter (lucky her) so now she gets to go be a witch and make sure everything is how it should be, but that is a difficult task, can she make it happen?


9. Explanation

The silence was deafening. I couldn't hear myself think with all the quite. I needed some noise.

"So, How was life in outer space?" I couldn't take anymore silence.

"Really really sucky." Alice said, now fiddling with her shoelace.

"I wanna hear about life from wherever your from." I leaned forward a bit.

Alice looked at me and gave a little smirk. "OK, but I'm not telling to much. As I already told you my grandfather discovered the group of planets that I was raised with. But the second he came home people started to settle there, and a group called The Supreme. They took over a few planets, but then decided they wanted the whole thing. But some resisted, that would be me and Abira. The last battle we fought was On the planet Derthin. But they won, and we lost. I was one of the last to be killed, so I would know. That war was going to determine if The Supreme would take over all, and they did. That's about it really." Alice was now curled up in a ball on the edge of Abira's bed. She put one leg down and looked at me. How 'bout you? From 2013."

I sighed. No way outta this one. "Well, I had a much simpler and easier life than you. Until I got a boyfriend who abused me in any way you can think. I got a gangbang for example." Alice gave me a look that said, 'but why?' so I explained why. "I was raised in a rich house and got everything I wanted. Everything was presented to me. Both my parents told me that some were much less fortunate than me, and that they needed me to stand for them, so I just assumed that someone would take a stand for me. The day I died I pushed a kid out of the way of a speeding train so that it hit me instead. A savior never came, so I became my own in a way that was the easiest." I could feel a tear slip down my cheek, though I never felt it escape in the first place.

"Why would you date some one that awful in the first place?" Alice had the biggest puppy dog eyes one could ever see.

"Well, he didn't seem that way at first. When I first met him, he was about to beat up by a group of guys. I was just walking down the hall after school and there were some boys crowded around this other boy, telling him he was weak, puny, and worthless, and that how they dealt with that was by beating the shit outta him. But right before the first blow came I yelled stop, dropped my stuff, and put myself between them and him. Most of them laughed until a few of my friends came along and did the same. They told us we weren't worth it and walked off. I asked the boy if he was OK, and he said he was just fine. He put me in this sort of trance, I can't describe it, I was sure he was the one. But I asked him if he wanted to sit with me and my friends at lunch the next day. He refused. But my friends warned me, that he was bullied for a reason. But no, I needed him. Then he changed after our second date. He became someone I feared. I don't know why it never occurred to me to just call the police, but I didn't." This was the first time any of this had ever occurred to me. It was just spewing out and I had no way to stop it. "That about sums me up." Now I was curled up in a ball. Alice had a sympathetic look on her face.

*  *  *

It seems like forever since we got here, waiting for Abira to wake up. Every single other girl would wake up, talk to us, and then the short man would show up and help them fly out. One day we asked him why they seem to just shove us out there, instead of sending someone to help out.

"Because you can't always have someone hold your hand through everything, even up here." With a smile was his response.

There were about 23-25 girls in all. All with different looks and different outfits. They all flew away, but we just sat, until Abira's eyes fluttered open. She looked up to see Alice staring back at her.

"I know I'm dead. I knew I was dying when I was in that cell. But I must say, this isn't what I was expecting." She immediately leaped out of bed and looked around.

"Weird pictures." She looked curiously at the wormhole one.

Alice spoke up. "You are in what's called up top. All people who die no matter what year come here. You look how you always wanted to look even if you didn't know you wanted to look that way. And your outfits represent who you are. We all see the same general things, just in different ways. Like the animals and colors and stuff. We will teach you how to fly later.  Where's that guy?"

Abira looked at her and asked what guy then immediately put on a face that looked like she was constipated.

"What are you doing?" I asked, curious.

Abira stopped for a minute. "Well, if I'm where you say I am, then shouldn't I be able to conjure up a mirror?" And went right back at it.

I leaned over to Alice and whispered, "She's either very smart, or very dumb." A full-length mirror appeared.

"No, she's very smart, even if it may not seem like it at first." Alice whispered back. I looked in the mirror. Abira had Short, black hair that just went past her ears with lots of layers, but there was one part at the front that was longer than the rest of her hair. I loved it, though not as much as mine. Her skin was dark, but not that dark, in a difficult way to explain. She had a really small waist and medium sized breasts. She was about an inch taller than me because of the purple high heels she was wearing. They matched her Blue, sparkly, one shouldered cocktail dress nicely.

Her face was something that I would have never guessed to have ever seen. She had a heart shaped face with a small nose and lips. Her eyes were large though, and were orange, they looked exactly like fire burning all around her pupil. They were really pretty. But she had a scar starting from above the inside of her right eyebrow, going diagonally crossing over a bit of her right eyelid and stopping half way down her cheek. It threw me for a loop, and I couldn't decide if it was OK or if it was bad. But she seemed to like it.

She just stood there in the mirror looking at herself with a huge smile plastered on to her face. It was exactly what she had always wanted, just like me and Alice.

After a few minutes she turned around and said, "I want a complete tour of the place. What's it like?" The smile was still a mile wide.

"Well, why don't you find out yourself? You have to fly out through the roof, even though it's not that way for any other buildings. All you have to do is try." Alice said, with a very monotone voice.

"That sounds like Peter Pan." Apparently Peter Pan is still around way far in the future.

Abira jumped up into the air and flew, like it was second nature. Her method of flying was like it came out of a Katy Perry music video.  She had red sparkles coming out from her back. They would magically appear but didn't seem to help in any way. They just flew down past her legs. It was quite the sight. Alice started flying and after a minute, realized that I was supposed to be flying with them as well. I flew up to see Abira's mouth forming a wide 'o'.

"That was April's response as well." Alice said coldly.

"Hey! It's really pretty here, and I can tell I'm not a loner." I looked over at Abira, and she looked back at me.

"I don't think I know you, are you a friend of Alice?" She said, flying closer.

"Oh, yeah. We met when we both woke up. Just sorta, became friends." Abira nodded. "Oh, cool." Then she turned away and looked to Alice.

"So, where are we going first?" She said, in an exited voice.

"You're not going anywhere." The guy popped out right behind Abira, making her say, Oh My God, and dropping about five feet. "You're going to bootcamp."

All of our faces turned into a twisted expression that obviously read 'we have no idea what you're talking about.

Abira had the guts to ask. "Bootcamp? Bootcamp for what?"

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