The Storyteller

April had a wonderful life until she got an abusive and demanding boyfriend. now her life is a living hell but she can't seem to bring herself to end it. when she goes for a walk by a train track she sees a boy standing on them, and the train is coming, without thinking she pushes him out of the way and takes her own life. when she wakes up she is in heaven. She is told that because she took her own life to save someone else's, she gets to return to earth to make sure a story that someone wrote goes according to plan. Her story is Harry Potter (lucky her) so now she gets to go be a witch and make sure everything is how it should be, but that is a difficult task, can she make it happen?


10. Bootcamp

We were all in a line, about twenty five girls in total, all ranging from about 12 to 87. There was a man walking up and down the line yelling orders. We had all been told to stand up straight, pull our shoulders back, hold our head high, and keep looking forward. The man was short, and hunched over. I think that if he didn't slouch he would actually be pretty tall. He had on a light blue outfit with a TARDIS blue beret. He had several medals pinned to him.

After we found out about bootcamp and Abira asked about it, there was a blinding light and we were all transported here, to a room that seemed to never end in whiteness. Like those commercials with advertising a bed, and the background was nothing but white.

The guy was yelling something, and I wasn't listening, until he went right to the middle of the line and took steps back. He simply said in a quite, shy voice, "Pay attention", and we all snapped to attention. I could feel the odd and confusion coming off of the people around me. The man told us to always be paying attention for the remainder we are here, and I knew that his words would be carried out.

"NOW! The reason you are here and everyone else up top isn't is because that you sacrificed yourself for someone else. That shows courage, responsibility, and dedication. Not everyone has the ability to do that. So know you get to do what we call, storytelling. You are going to be a storyteller.

Some stories that people write aren't actually fiction, they become nonfiction because they are written with so much passion, and dedication. No one knows why this happens. Our lord works in mysterious ways. However, they need to go according to how they were originally written. If they don't, then we have to send someone else in to fix it.

For example, we already sent someone to do Red Riding Hood. The person who was supposed to do that story didn't do what they were supposed to do. Red Riding Hood was supposed to kick the wolf's ass. But they screwed it up. So we had to send in someone else who is the woodcutter in the story you know now.

A girl at the end of the row raised her hand and spoke up.

"Um, I'm pretty sure we shouldn't cuss in heaven. Wouldn't it make God angry? Won't you be sent to hell?"

I could tell that she was a goodie two shoes whose whole life was church. I leaned forward to get a look at her. She had on a long sleeve pink shirt with navy blue lace on all the edges and long skinny dark wash pants with pink ballet flats. She had on a long silver necklace with a big silver cross on the end. Her hair was curled with a little pink bow pulling back her bangs. She obviously had no make-up on.

The guy walked up to her, looked at her. I could see a necklace almost identical to hers that fell out of his shirt.

"Well, what I have found out is that cussing does not mean that you are a bad person, you won't go to hell."

He walked back up the other end of the line.

"After you complete bootcamp you will take a test to determine what story you will be doing!" Everything was a bark from him.

I raised my hand and spoke up like the other girl. "Girls can't be the only ones who save someone else, where are the boys?"

The man walked up to me. "Well, no. You're not the only ones. There are multiple classes going on. However, we have found it's easiest split up like this. Even up here, kids your age enjoy flirting with the opposite, or the same gender, and we don't want any distractions."

I looked down. "NOW! Time for training. As I know you have already learned to fly, now you need to learn to disappear and reappear. All you have to do is try. Really really simple, as everything you will learn.

Everyone just looked around for a second, not sure what he was asking from us. He stood there and said, "Well go!" We all just jumped a bit and a few of us got the message, I was not one of those people. Abira was transported about 30 feet away along with a few other girls scattered about the somewhat room. I didn't see anyone transport, I was focused. But Abira transported back to us, and when she disappeared and reappeared, there was an explosion of pink sparkles.

"Come on you two! All you have to do is try, really really try! Keep focused, focus on the spot you want to transport to! imagine yourself transporting." Abira exclaimed very exited.

"Sounds a bit sappy doesn't it? Just try and you will succeed. It seems like one of those messages you give kids to motivate them, like, never give up and all that shit." I said, not convinced it was that easy. There was some sort of trick. "I'll try, but I don't know if it will work."

I closed my eyes and focused really hard, and visualized myself going from one point to another. I figured That the trick was to just to overshoot it. so I gave it my all, Then I opened my eyes and there was no one around. I was all alone in a white area that goes on forever. I called out. "HELLO? ABIRA? ALICE? ARE YOU THERE?" no reply. Then it hit me, I overshot it. So I focused really hard on Abira and Alice, and imagined myself standing next to them. I opened my eyes and they were there.

"Where did you go? What happened?" Alice asked me, she looked hopelessly confused.

"There is no trick, you don't have to overshoot it. Its really easy." Abira calmly told me with a smile on her face. It was now painfully obvious that she was one of the most intelligent people I was ever going to cross paths with, and she knew it. "By the way, next time keep your eyes open. You will see what it looks like for you to transport." I tried again, this time with my eyes open. There was a puff of purple smoke that blocked my vision, and when it cleared, I was two feet away.

Alice reappeared between me and Abira. She had no sort of pizazz to her transport. "All I see is a flash of white and I'm back here. Is there anything happening?" I looked to Abira. "Well, we can't be sure, this room is very bright, but there are no lights, there are also no lights on you obviously. So if they are the same, we will have no way of telling until we get somewhere lighter or darker."

"ATTENTION! Now you cannot time travel, so if you screw something up, you yourself are screwed, and you'd better find a way to fix it. We can take you back up and put you back down sometime in the future, but never in the past. Cause if you don't we will pull you out, and send in someone new. The only time travel that is possible is when we send you down. After this lecture, we moved on.

As you have discovered you have to know where you want to transport looks like, or at least who is going to be there. And this trick isn't commonly used. You pretty much just travel at light speed. Now this one has a trick, you have to stop on your own. You can't just expect to stop. You have to forcefully stop yourself, otherwise you will go on forever. Try with all your might to stop yourself from continuing. Its hard to explain. Just go for it," our commander barked at us.

As always Abira was the first to go. She went so fast that it looked like she had just transported, like light. She stopped about twenty feet right to the commander, and then came back. "It's harder than I was expecting. The guy described it as best he could. But you had better get it right, cause you WILL go on forever."

Alice looked confident. "I got this." And she did. She stopped two feet away, and told us that she had actually did a zig zag all around the area, and stopped where she did.

I tried, with some confidence that if they were getting it, then so could I, but failed miserably. It was something just short of hell. My whole body was on fire, or it seemed to be. everything was a blur, if there was anything to see at all. the whole earth seemed to bend around me, and it was painful. I was just soaking it all up, taking it all in. Being me, I forgot to stop. After I realized my feet actually had to stop moving, I forced the stop harder than I thought would be necessary, and fell over forward. I was actually pretty far away. Not long enough that I couldn't see them, I saw little tiny black dots that just looked like fleas, and I would have thought that was what they were if I hadn't seen someone raise their arm up and wave. I waved back using my entire arm. I ran back to the area, but my brakes were Alice, I rammed into her pretty hard. Tears surfaced in both our eyes. After Alice yelled at me and Abira calmed own, we got to the next skill, which I would later find out would be the most useful skill.

Basically, you would disappear into a sort of ghost and could float around effortlessly and whisper things into peoples ears, and they didn't really have a choice, they would just automatically do whatever was told. You could make people have a certain kind of dream by whispering something in their ear and it would cause them to have a dream about whatever you whispered. We got to practice it on everyone else. The church girl had been bitching about anything and everything, so Abira and I gave her a cigarette and made her smoke it while saying every single cuss word in the book while talking about all the one night stands she had and how fantastically fuckin' amazing it was. We were laughing but Alice was totally indifferent about it.

The rest of the day loomed on learning lots of other skills. Like; looking into someone else's brain, which for whatever depressing reason would put you into a suicidal mood, another was making people completely forget whatever it was that just happened, and other fun things to try out.

After learning how to completely alter someone's mood, our coach ordered us to sit down, and there was all of a sudden a group of desks, we chose our seats in the back right hand corner and waited for further instructions.

"OK, now comes for the explanation portion of this, I am going to explain procedures and any other questions you might have, which I'm assuming is a lot" I didn't realize how weird this was until now; I wasn't brimming with questions until now. "So I already explained what this all is, you are going to make sure that stories go accordingly, and you have to prepare to take someone's life if necessary, I know it sounds awful, but that's why you were all selected. You all have one thing in common, you sacrificed your most precious thing for someone or something else. That's why everyone isn't doing this."  We all just exchanged glances,  I could feel people walking around in my memories; which pissed me off bad enough for me to be able to push them out. "NOW!" We all snapped back to attention. "You all are going to take a test to decide which story is going to be assigned to you. You can't just give someone any random story and say, go do it! It's hard enough as it is we don't want to make it any harder by giving you something you hate. Now its crucial you understand that whatever you do, won't be remembered, so if screw up, it will just be a rare and weird phenomenon that no one can explain, which is bad for business. Occasionally, we will pull you out and you can have a break, but you have to make it to a certain point, a point where there is a lapse in the story and whatever happens won't really affect what will later happen. You also need to know that the people will be able to interact with you, they just won't remember you, or be curious about you, you will just be another person who they know. That about covers everything. Any questions?"

About 20 out of the 25 hands went up into the air. The guy called on some chick in the first row. She asked if we could request stories, answer was no. The whole thing was very quick. I wasn't listening until Abira nudged me; I snapped back to reality to see that my hand was in the air and I had been called on. I asked my one burning question, which seemed to put the whole room into a state of doubt. "Is this heaven? like from the bible and Christianity and all that?" The room fell totally silent, including the teacher, the question must've been asked;) (if you get that, you are automatically my friend) He stood thinking for a minute, and quite surprisingly, without barking, in a calm voice, he answered. "Well, as much as I want to say it is, I can't say that. I guess it depends on what you believe. I believe this is the one heaven, but others don't. There is a god, there is no proof it is the god from Christianity, but he is a god. And this isn't necessarily the heaven. But it is the after life. Does that answer your question?" It did indeed answer my question. I quickly asked another. "How does time work here?" Silence fell, the question was asked. He answered that one quickly, but still quiet and calm. "No one really knows. Everyone who ever died at any point in history came here, but somehow, they come at different times. I'm sure you have discovered that certain people are from different times, but why did arrive at the same time? That's the question, and no one really knows the answer. We have our own timeline up here and no can figure it out. We have philosophers trying to figure that out now." We all just looked at him with these faces that read, wait, people  have jobs? he just responded, back to his normal barking voice, "what? We have jobs! This place is basically the same as earth except more peaceful and accepting. I forgot to tell you, you people will be paid when you're done with your story. Time to move on. BEGIN!!!!"

I looked down to see a piece of paper and a perfectly sharpened pencil. I picked up the pencil and began to answer the questions. Most of them were pretty simple. Asking about interests and favorite colors. But then I got to the back and had to answer in paragraph form, and the questions were in no way shape or form easy. The hardest was if religions say they accept anyone who is willing to listen and preach peace, but find its ok to attack anyone else and do it in their gods name? I didn't usually think about such things, so I had to dig pretty deep. I'm sure Abira was having no issue, she striked me as one of those people who had an answer to everything. I could see her writing like mad over there. I just kinda at there and let my mind wander.

Another shout of NOW from professor scared me bad enough to fall out of my chair, though no one noticed. "stop writing, it doesn't matter where you are, the machine takes that into account. Form a line right here." He made a motion with his arm to right in front of the desks. People got into this huge rush to be the first to be graded. there was a red line on the floor, the church girl was first. A giant silver machine that looked rather like the first calculator except with a slot for paper popped up from the ground, scaring everyone silly. The girl walked up causciously and pushed her paper into the slot, it took it surprisingly quickly. The whole machine started to shake, alarms and lights seemed to be coming out from every crack and crevice of the machine. No one seemed to think this was odd, including myself, we all just sat there. Almost instinctively, the girl walked to the other side of the great monster and grabbed another piece of paper with Large black letters taking up the entire page. Her face fell. She quiet obviously didn't get what she wanted. She got how to kill a mockingbird. Not what I was expecting from her. I was more like expecting Cinderella or some sissified story where the guy gets the girl but never the other way around; but I failed to see what was wrong with the one she got. It was a good book, though she seemed rather disappointed. Other people stepped up. Alice walked up with confidence and pushed her paper through. She got her paper and a huge smile appeared on her face. She had gotten saving private ryan. Seemed perfect for her background and her usual mood. Abira pushed hers through next. She looked at it with some confusion. She got Pay it Forward. I don't know how she felt about it. She didn't seem to be familiar with the story, but she looked at Alice with this sort of bittersweet look. She obviously didn't want this story, but was honored that she got it. I pushed my paper through and walked to the other side. My knees were shaking, I could feel the blood pumping through my veins, my face felt hot . . .

I pulled the paper out and closed my eyes, I was terrified of what I might see. I put as much space between myself and the paper while still holding it and slowly opened my eyes. The second I saw it I felt the universe lift off my shoulders. I pulled the paper to my chest and just hugged it. I was more that satisfied with my story, I was ecstatic about it. I had gotten Harry Potter. One of my favorites, when I turned eleven I cried when I didn't get my letter, and to this day I was still waiting for an owl to swoop in and deliver that magic parchment that would deliver me away from here. I had never expected this. I turned around to see everyone waving, I waved back. Purple smoke started to swirl around me. I looked around and saw I was in a normal looking house with several men and one woman present. I looked down. I had the same outfit on but instead of a six shooter I had a beautiful wand that was light silver with a gold flower pattern on a vine swirling down from the top. I was in.


HI! Just so you all know, I'm starting with the part where Lily and James decide to use Serious as the secret keeper. So if you haven't read the books, this is the biggest spoiler alert of your life. I know that you have likely read the books if you are reading this. You might have just seen the movies, which isn't as explanatory, but hey you never know. Just though I should warn you.

PS. I'm thinking of making a movella where its just ideas for books that people can use without asking me if its ok to use them. Because I have a bunch of ideas, and I'm never gonna be able to write them, but I'd like to see them written. Tell me what you think in the comments, because oddly enough I read those. Thanks!

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