Forever Young

This is the story of a girl. It all started with her watching a 1D twitcam. Then she and Harry fell in love through the twitcam. They went on a date, then when Harry took her home, her house was on fire and her family was killed. She was later adopted by Simon Cowell. She stopped talking for 2 years through saddness. Can Harry pull her out of it? Read to find out!


1. The twitcam



I don't have many friends. I love one direction though. I was watching one of there twitcams and Harry came on. I squealed. He said he wanted to answer questions so I asked him one: Harry, what is your biggest turn off and will you check out my covers of songs?. " Ok here's one from Gynnx$tyles. My biggest turn off is squealing. And sure I will. I'll do it right now." He pulled out his phone during the twitcam and blasted my cover of Really Don't Care. "Wow..Your amazing. In following you." He followed me then said, " Hey DM me Gynnx." So I did. 

-Hey uh Harry. Did you like the song?

-Hell yeah. You have a gift.

-Stop! You making me blush.

-And your making me laugh.

-Hey how do I know this is really you?

-You want me to prove it?



-Scream out orange cats eat tacos.

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