Forever Young

This is the story of a girl. It all started with her watching a 1D twitcam. Then she and Harry fell in love through the twitcam. They went on a date, then when Harry took her home, her house was on fire and her family was killed. She was later adopted by Simon Cowell. She stopped talking for 2 years through saddness. Can Harry pull her out of it? Read to find out!


8. The ready of the day

Harry's POV 


they all let go and Niall looked at me with a questioning look on his face. I nodded and smiled. His nodded and winked followed my a smile. Sam walked over to me and hugged me. The guys all said aww. I rolled my eyes and hugged her back. She looked up at me and I picked her up. I spun her around and she giggled. I put her down and kissed her. They guys said aww...again. Sam giggled. "I'm hungry!! Gimme food Sam." Niall demanded. She rolled her eyes laughing and grabbed nialls hand. She pulled him to the kitchen and we followed. Then she let go of Nialls hand and went over to me. I kissed her nose and she giggled making me laugh making her giggle even more making me laugh even more. The guys all gagged. I rolled my eyes and got an idea to disgust him. I kissed sam and stuck my tongue in her mouth making sure nthey could see that I did that. They gagged even more but Sam kept kissing me. I grabbed her neck forgetting what I gave her last night and she yiped. She pulled back and grabbed her neck. "Sorry Sammybear, I forgot I gave you that." She smiled. "That's ok Hazzybear. But it hurts." She walked over toe and I hugged her. I kissed the hickey I gave her and left a wet kiss mark. I bent my head so the spot where my hickey was was wrinkled. Made a small pain noise and she kissed my neck. The guys gagged even more making Sam and I laugh. "Geeze get a room..." Niall said. Sam and I looked at eachother then Niall. "Nah...." The. I kissed her. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and unheard the guys gag which made me kiss her even more.  She put her tongue back in her mouth as we continued to kiss. I forgot the guys were there until Simon came in. He cleared his throat and we let go. She grabbed my hand and tied our fingers in a knot. Then she put her other hand on my arm and rest her head on my shoulder. "Good news Sam...Guys..."

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