Forever Young

This is the story of a girl. It all started with her watching a 1D twitcam. Then she and Harry fell in love through the twitcam. They went on a date, then when Harry took her home, her house was on fire and her family was killed. She was later adopted by Simon Cowell. She stopped talking for 2 years through saddness. Can Harry pull her out of it? Read to find out!


3. The date

Harry's POV 


i woke up in the morning and got ready quick. Then I headed out the door and went to the cafe. It was empty? Then I saw Sam. She was so pretty. She waved at me and signaled for me to come over. I ran over to her and gave her a friendly hug. We sat down and awkwardly and smiled at eachother. "So...why is this place so empty?" "They don't get many customers. But they have the best coffee and food ever.." She smiled at me making me blush. Then she giggled. Then I laughed. "I'll go order. What do you want?" "Um iced tea with lemon. Harry you don't have to order for me." "Please I insist." She smiled and rolled her eyes. Then she smiled. I walked into the cafe and ordered. I came back with our drinks and she smiled at me. I smiled back. "Thanks Harry.." "No problem love.." She giggled. "Your accents cute." And she giggled more. "And deep.." She added. I laughed. I took a sip of my coffee and it was really good. "Wow your right, this place does have the best coffee." She giggled. "Told you so." She giggled and I laughed. "Hey I have the day off, you wanna keep the fun going?"! I asked hoping shed say yes. "Sure... We can go to my place and watch romnce movies.. If your ok with that?" I nodded. She grabbed her drink with one hand and my hand with the other. She dragged me to a small house. "My families out of town so the place is ours." "Cool.." She dragged me into her house and pulled me into her living room. She grabbed a bunch of romance movies and put love actually in. She hadn't let go of my hand yet. She looked at our intwined hands and let go. Then blushed. " No it's ok... I don't mind..." She looked at me and smiled. Then she grabbed my hand again and pulled me to her couch. We watched tons of romance movies and she didn't let go of my hand. She fell asleep on me and I did soon after.

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