Forever Young

This is the story of a girl. It all started with her watching a 1D twitcam. Then she and Harry fell in love through the twitcam. They went on a date, then when Harry took her home, her house was on fire and her family was killed. She was later adopted by Simon Cowell. She stopped talking for 2 years through saddness. Can Harry pull her out of it? Read to find out!


4. In The Morning

Harry's POV 


i woke up in the morning and Sam was gone. Then the scent of bacon and cinnamon. Then I heard her coming. I pretended to be sleeping. She came in and set something on the coffee table. She shook me and woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes. "Morning sleepy Hazzybear."

"Morning Sammybear. That smells good." "I made cinnamon rolls, bacon, and, eggs." She said handing me a plate. She took small delicate bites and I took huge bites. She looked over and giggled. I sooned joined in laughing as my cheeks turned into tomatoes. We finished our breakfast in silence. Then she set her plate on the coffee table and looked at me. She smiled and blushed. I smiled back and blushed. "We need to do this again." I said. "Yeah...we do..." I took out my phone and looked at the time. It was only 9. "I have 4 hours, whatcha wanna do?" I said. "I don't know." She blushed. "I wanna take you to Lagoon." I told her. She looked at me and nodded. I held out my hand and she grabbed it. She grabbed her keys and dragged me out of the door. She drives to lagoon. We bought our tickets and went in. We went on scary rides and she held my hand the entire time. When we got off we got icecream and sat on a bench. Her phone started ringing. She answered it. "This is she....wait what....all of them?....well thanks for...thank for calling...." She slowly hung up. She started crying. I hugged her. "Harry I need you to go home. My family got back and the house set on fire....They're dead..." She hugged me back. She pulled back and kissed me. I kissed her back. We pulled back. I held out my hand and she grabbed it. She handed me her keys and I drove her home.

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