Use Somebody

Just as a warning, it may get a little inappropriate. Not to bad, but a bit.
One boy and one Girl. The boy is a drug addict, and the girl is a daddy's girl. Who knew two people from different worlds.........different dimensions could ever meet.....let alone become friends......or more....


3. Waking Up In The Same Bed As A Stranger

Penelope's POV

I wake up curled up against Xaphan. My arm is thrown over his chest, and my legs are intertwined with his. His arms are around me in an embrace. His face is facing me, I study his features. I sigh and look at the clock, almost 5:30, good, right around the time I wake up.

I yawn and stretch against him. He slowly blinks open his eyes and says to me "Hello, Penelope."

"Morning sunshine." I say and start to untangle myself from his grip but he holds me. Now that I'm awake I feel that he is clammy and sweating. He groans. "Withdrawal?" I ask and he nods. He fists a hand in my shirt and pants. "Cold Turkey sucks." I nod and say "Yes it dose, now, if you let me up I can get you a bowl to puke into. He slowly lets me go and I go to the bathroom and grab a bowl. I bring it back and give it to him.


Good thing my dad leaves for work early in the morning, otherwise I would be in deep shit. "So, dad is at work until almost nine tonight and Sammy wont tell. Now, tell me what you took." He gives me a look and says "I would but I can't remember. I know for a fact I took Ecstasy, that is my drug, but I don't know what else."

"Wait, is that why they call you X?" He nods and I go to my windows and pull open the shades and then I open the window. He groans and says "Why do you need the window open?"

"Because you are going to smell terrible when your done. I'm going to get dressed. No peaking, please." He smiles and I know he is feeling ok. I walk over to my closet and pull out some shorts and a t-shirt. Saturday attire. I get out some knee-highs and a bra and underwear. Yes, the lacy stuff, just to push Xaphan's button's.

I get changed right in front of him. As I pull on my socks he starts coughing and hacking into the bowl. I sit beside him and rube his back as he puke's into the bowl.

"Ugh, gross." He says and leans back. I take in the nice view, he has nice abs and nice arms, the blanket covers the lower half. "Well, to help you get better you get to help me. I have been trying to find guys to help me build Sammy's Jungle gym. I will call my dad and let him know I am having a new friend over to help me and you can stay for dinner. Maybe the night if Dad is in a good mood. Let's get to work." I hand him his jeans and he groans.


"Jeans? Don't you have any clothing in the house I can use?" I shake my head as he stands and begins to pull on his pants. Ohh, that is why he didn't want jeans. I smile. "Meet you down stairs. I'll make pancakes!" I skip down the stairs to the kitchen, as I walk by Sammy's door I bang on it and yell. He groans.

I start mixing the batter as a tired Sammy and a unhappy Xaphan walk in. They sit don at the counter and Sammy sets his head on the table. I make a few pancakes for Sammy, and then Xaphan. He looks at the pile of fluffy food on his plate and grimaces.


"What?" I ask him. "Still having problems." He replies and looks at Sammy. "Dude, I don't care. Are you helping her later?" Xaphan nods. "Yes!"

"Sammy, you need to help too!" His turn to grimace. I turn back to Xaphan.

"Well, tell you what. You eat some and I eat some." He looks down at the small pile but nods. I grab one and rip it in half. I hold one half up to him and he looks at it and then me. I'm chewing on mine.

When he doesn't reach for it I hold it to his mouth and he takes a bite, chews and swallows slowly. I have a feeling he rarely eats. He takes a small sip of the water I put in front of him. I get an idea. "Sammy, go to your room. I'll get you when I need you." He lets out a yell and jumps off his stool.

I give him a moment to shut his door, then I walk around the counter and stand next to Xaphan. I pull him back a bit, and take a bit of his pancake.

I hold it out to him. "Take a bite." I say. He dose. I then sit on his lap. He stops chewing as I wiggle around to get more comfortable. Around the mouthful he asks me, in a rough voice, "What are you doing...?"

I smile and say "Eat." He starts chewing. "I am giving you incentive to eat. Every time you take a bite, I will....hmm, I will 'get closer to you'." He chews faster. I hold up the glass of water, he takes a sip. I smile at him and take a small bite of the pancake and hold it out to him. He returns my smile and takes a bite. I lean closer to him and kiss him on the cheek. Before he takes a sip of water he asks "What no lips?"

I take a pancake bite and give him the rest, a small piece. He opens his mouth and I set it on his tongue. He closes his mouth around my finger. "Xaphan! Let me have my finger!" He grips my wrist and slides my finger from his mouth. "Mm, you taste good with pancake." He smiles. I sigh and lean forward and give him a kiss. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer, deepening the kiss.

"UGH! Get a room. I am now blinded!" Sammy yells as he stands in the doorway. I pull back from Xaphan. He whispers in my ear "We'll continue later." I smile and bite my lip, I slide off his lap.

"Sammy, what do you need?" I ask him. "Well, no one is online so I figured we could get started." I nod and tell the small boy "Yep, let me clean up. Sammy, you know what I plan to do, so show Xaphan to the yard." Sammy nods and leads him out.

I finish the dishes quickly and walk towards the garage. I hear laughter and talking. I stand in the doorway, watching Xaphan and Sammy play in the grass. I smile and a thought pops into my head.

'He would be good with with you....together' I shake my head and step out. "I thought we were going to work not play?"

I raise a eye brow and they stand. Xaphan and Sammy share a look then they salute me "Yes, ma'am!" They shout together. "You two are terrible. Now, come on, weeds first, then we can set up Sammy's new jungle gym. As you start I'll call dad." They nod and Sammy leads Xaphan to the tools.

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