Use Somebody

Just as a warning, it may get a little inappropriate. Not to bad, but a bit.
One boy and one Girl. The boy is a drug addict, and the girl is a daddy's girl. Who knew two people from different worlds.........different dimensions could ever meet.....let alone become friends......or more....


1. Cars, Puke, Songs, and Confessions

Penelope's POV

Near To You came on the radio as I drove down the dark road. I hate it when my friends vote me the designated driver, but I'm the most responsible and so on. Ugh, they always get so drunk. At least this time they didn't puke in my car.


I look up and slam on the breaks. There was this guy standing in the middle of the road. I slowly put my junky red car into park, and unbuckle from my seat. I open the creaky door and step out. I approach the guy carefully with my hands out stretched. "Sir? Are you ok? Did I hit you?" He stands there and I inch closer, I just hope he doesn't pull a knife or gun on me or something.


I get really close to him and see he hasn't shaved in a day or so. He looks younger than I thought, around my age. "Kid, you alright?" I am now close enough to see that he is obviously high. He looks at me and says something like "Who are you? Where am....I?" But I don't understand him.


I could always just get back in my car and drive around him........but I wasn't raised like that. I gently, slowly reach out and take his arm. "Come on, lets get you in my car....." I lead him to the passenger side. I hope he comes down from his high soon. So I can let him off before I go home......otherwise dad is going to kill me.


"Go on, get in. It's ok." I put him in the car and buckle him in. He looks......familiar......and kind of cute. Even with his day old stubble.


He sits there, totally stoic.


On the way to my house, he pukes and passes out. Gross.

We pull into my driveway just as Use Somebody starts to play. Huh, it reminds me of this guy. He could use somebody, and I am here to help him, weird. I shake myself off and open my door. get this guy inside and find a way to clean my car. I call my little bro. "Sammy? Can you come down stairs? To the garage?"

"Yeah......sure.....not like I have a life...." He grumbles into the phone.


He comes down. "What in heaven is that smell?" He asks. "Barf." I say and lead him to my car, where the guy is now awake and not too high. "Did I do that?" He asks. I nod and tell them both. "I want to get him cleaned up." I point to Mystery Man. "Sammy, I will drive you and your friends anywhere you want for a month if you clean my car, so all the puke is gone." He nods and we shake.


I help Mr. Mystery unbuckle himself, and then I lead him up the stairs, into my house. He looks around and asks "What happened? Wait, did we....?" He looks askance at me. I shake my head. "Gosh, no, you were in the road basically passed out and I almost ran you over. I was going to leave you their but if you had gotten killed I would have felt responsible. So, I helped you and you puked in my car."

I let him sit on my bed, in my room as I get some water and food for him. I learned some time ago how to get someone un-high. I walk back to my room. He is sitting on my bed, I hand him the water first. "Ok, can you tell me your name? I'm Penelope."

"I'm Xaphan. Call me X." I nod. "Ok, X, why did you end up on the road?"

"Because I was high......on something. I can't really remember what happened tonight. I went to a party, and I took some drugs-"

"Shhhhhh." I say and push him off the bed onto the far side. I take my shirt and bra off. The door opens. "DAD!! I'M GETTING CHANGED!!! GET OUT!!!"

"Sorry, I heard you come in and wanted to ask what took so long." he adverts his eyes as I get my robe. "Well, Sarah disappeared so we had to find her, sorry dad. I should have called, but I was driving." He nods. "Dad, I'm going to take a quick shower than go to bed. K?" He nods. " 'Night, sweet heart." He leaves and shuts the door.

I let out a breath. "Ok, close one."

"Yeah, think you can take the robe off so I can get a view?" He winks and climbs back up on the bed.

"Ugh, pig. Now, come, you need a shower." I start for the door.

"Will you take it with me?" Ok, I was wrong, he doesn't need anyone! He is a pig. I can't believe I let him in my house. Gross. "If you are going to keep being vulgar you can leave." He shrugs. "Ok, whatever, besides, I don't have a car. And, I know you like my vulgarity." Fuck, he's right........about both things too.....

I let out a puff of air. "Just, come, I have to be in their with you, so I hope your not small or shy." Two can play his game. "And, you get to wear your cloths because Sammy's won't fit and my dad wouldn't loan you any. And when you are done in the shower you can sleep on the floor." I grab him and lead him to the bathroom.

He raises his eye brows and looks around the bathroom. "Well, shower." I say and sit down on the toilet. He shrugs and strips.....ok he is not shy......or too small for that matter. As he steps into the shower stall I remember that I still wear my jeans, which have my IPod. Sweet! I take it out and put in the head phones and turn it on. It plays Use Somebody, weird. Maybe.........He did need me, I could have taken any number of roads home, but I took that one. I could have just drove around him but I felt compelled to help him. Maybe.....Fate was controlling this night, he needed help and I was the one who gave it. But, why dose Use Somebody keep playing, that is what I don't get. "X, what is your favorite song?" Use Somebody is in my top ten.....

"Use Somebody, Kings Of Leon, I feel like I can relate. I always feel like I am far from everyone else and that when every I try to reach the rest of them I cant.....I feel like I am always working hard to make them notice me but they don't. Like I am trying to get somebody like you to see me....and make me human again."

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