One Direction don't exist anymore. When one cruel incident happened, Harry goes psycho and is closed to psichical hospital. It was Niall's, Zayn's, Liam's, Louis' fault. All they wanted was to make Harry feel better. A few months ago the boy escaped from the hospital. And now he tries to revenge his soul " brothers ".


1. Introduction

LIVE. The red light is on.

All four guys, while watching at the show host, nervously stomped inside. They couldn't wait for it all to over, but no-one showed it, they all sat quietly.
"Is it true, that one of you is in psychiatric hospital?" asked the show host.
Liam coughed and wanted to say something, but Zayn was faster.
"No. Not exactly. He has a course treatment in a special hospital."
"But that hospital is called psychiatric?" show host intervened. Zayn wanted to say something, but Louis punched his hand. «I think everyone is interested why Harry is there, not here with us, right?"
Became uncomfortable silence. The boys looked to each other, and Louis begun talking.
"It was our fault" he caught up. " We wanted to make a joke"
" But your joke cost a lot... «the show host intervened again. Louis was getting angry. "How did it happen?"
"Harry..." Zayn began. "He was bigheaded and angry recently."
"And we wanted to do a friendly joke" said Liam. "We didn't think that everything will end just like that"
" We set fire to a car and phoned Harry. We told him, that his sister and mother died." Niall sighed, because it was so hard to him. «I told him to turn on his TV, because the criminal news was on. We planned everything - Zayn broke into Harry's house and installed a fake video. When Harry saw the "criminal news"... His voice broke. We knew-Harry believed..."
"Gemma and Anne was his only family..." Liam said again. He coughed, scratched his head and talked. "It was a silence for a while. Later, when we decided to visit him, we found the "goodbye letters" on his table. On the floor was a lot of brown, curly hair. We started searching for him."
"How did you find him?" in the studio was deadly silence. Everyone was so interested and didn't want to loose any word.
"He was in the bathroom. He shouted, in the left hand he had a gun. Styles cried, he couldn't do anything to himself. He shouted at me "I can't Niall! I am a big coward. I can't shoot myself."
"When we said the truth, he has gone mad..." ether ended with Louis' words.



A guy shouts, bangs the door. His mind doesn't work, like it worked before, a couple weeks ago. Psycho or «without a breast" - this is his second name. Harry Psycho Styles.
Daily treatments, screams and shouts from his lips - it was a routine to his doctors.
Everything would be good, if he wouldn't beat his room mate, his new soul brother.
When doctors came to his ward, they were shocked. Harry was sitting calm and roved his hair.
"Take him out" one doctor looked to the curly guy "We need to teach him"
Harry heard about this teaching. Even if he was a madman, his healthy mind side was still working. He knows where they were taking him. He suddenly felt that his body fills with cold sweat.

"No!" he shouted, screamed, but you can't oppose to this hospital's doctors - a dose of sedative is overriding everything.
Harry, like dead man, was removed to another ward. The room was small - there was only a bed, which was connected to apparatus. It was called "electricity bed".
He was tied to the bed. His common sense was still working, but his body was almost asleep. Guy was watching, how doctors nodded and pressed a button, which released electricity to flow through the wires.
Chills, pain and paralysed penetrated a young man's body. The tears flowed by his cheeks and one tough in his mind was - revenge.

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