Just Leave

this is not real; I made this up-but hope you like it!


1. Just Leave!

I just returned to my old home

So empty, so bare

I found a meaningful poem in my old journal

That I would just love to share





Just leave!

I never want to see you again

Although there's so much life to live,

This seems like the dreaded end


I don't want to cry

I don't to show sorrow

I'm not striving for attention

But I'm dreading tomorrow


What will I do?

You were my reason to hope

I might as well stay home all day

And lie down and mope


How could you

Oh dear, my heart's captor,

To leave the girl who's loved him

As he flips to a different chapter?


Just leave,

I yell at him in my mind

How could you do this?

How could you be so blind?


"I-I love you, please don't leave,"

I smile and say sadly

And he said the words I needed

Not the words I wanted so badly


"I'll give you some time to grow,

Then I might stay around."

He grinned and shook my hand

And I shyly looked at the ground...




Now this was written ten years ago

When I was at a tender age

I'm a little more wiser now

I'm a little more sage


He never came back

But that's okay

I found another boy

But I'll  never forget that day


Get the message?

Forget him, you'll find another

This guy in your life shouldn't get in the way

If he's just like the others






















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