The day it started (harry styles)

Sophie is an 18 year old girl she is finding it hard at home, her mum and dad argue all the time, her life is starting to fall apart. A mysterious guy spots her but can he turn her life around or will he neglect her like the rest of them.


6. chapter 6

I carried on walking down the street silently kicking myself for saying what i did, i wasn't paying any attention till i bumped into someone i fell back onto the  floor. '' watch it you idiot'' i scream at the person who is looking down at me. ''sorry love i didn't see you there here let me help you up'' he said I grabbed his hand as he pulled me up he was strong and his blue eyes were hypnotising NO SOPH YOU LIKE HARRY WAIT NO YOU LOVE HARRY. ''errr excuse me love are you okay i'm louis by the way'' louis said quietly. Louis where have i heard that name from OMG.....


Me and harry was going to a house party it reeked of alcohol and drugs it was a mate of harry's called Louis. ''Hazza mate how you doing'' louis screamed from the other end of the room  ''hahaha good mate nice party you got going on here oh yeah id like you to me sophie'' harry said quite awkwardly. ''Hiya love i'm louis as you may already now'' louis said with a smirk. i looked at harry then back at louis '' no actually LOVE i don't'' i said rather aggressively. Louis looked rather shocked he push me onto the floor '' i don't know who the hell you think you are but if i was you darlin i wouldn't talk to me like that''. i was laid on the floor crying i had really hurt my wrist and was really taken back by louis actions and so was harry he got really mad he started punch louis glasses were smashed everywhere it was one of the scariest moments in my life i thought harry was going to kill him. 

''HARRY STOP LET HIM GO YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HIM, HARRY PLEASE'' i pleaded. Harry let go of louis  

louis limp body fell to the floor 

                                                      *END OF FLASH BACK*

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