The day it started (harry styles)

Sophie is an 18 year old girl she is finding it hard at home, her mum and dad argue all the time, her life is starting to fall apart. A mysterious guy spots her but can he turn her life around or will he neglect her like the rest of them.


5. chapter 5

i woke up the next morning next to Harry thats  the day it started, we got addicted he was like my own personal heroine i couldn't keep away from his touch. It's been a year now i was like his sex slave but the truth was i enjoyed every minute of it.ITS BEEN A YEAR AND WE STILL DO THE SAME ROUTINE.

''Harry can i ask you something'' i whispered in his ear quietly, Harry let out a muffled groan so i just carried on.

''do i mean more to you than you know errrrrm sex....''

there was a moment of silence until harry quickly turned around.

''what's brought this on babe'' he moved a piece of my hair from my face and started to kiss my neck.

'' Harry i'm serious'' i said whilst letting a little moan of appreciation escape from my lips. All i heard from Harry was a deep raspy chuckle.He knew my weak spots, he knew what turned me on. I loved that about him but the problem was he didn't feel the same.

Harry stop just stop now i can't keep doing this it's breaking me i can't deal with the pain any longer '' i shouted 

I could see the look of shock on his face he looked angry i was scared

''GET OUT YOU STUPID BITCH'' he shouted 

i walk out of the door not even looking back what have i done.!

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