The day it started (harry styles)

Sophie is an 18 year old girl she is finding it hard at home, her mum and dad argue all the time, her life is starting to fall apart. A mysterious guy spots her but can he turn her life around or will he neglect her like the rest of them.


4. chapter 4

'' sophie, you need to get off your lazy ass you need to be at work and unless you want to get sacked on your first day i get up now!'' rachel shrieked. 

i put the pillow over my head and let out a giant groan ''urrrrrg you don't need to shout'' i moaned.

I wasn't really prepared for this a year of working just to pay off my student loan. Well at least i will see harry.

An hour later i was behind the desk serving a drunken man when harry came up. ''Hello beautiful'' he said in a low raspy voice it was quite obvious that he had only just woken up.

wait he spoke to me he actually spoke to me OMG yay act cool soph act cool. ''sup'' wait shit urrrm ''hi'' i giggled. '' wait no you didn't want nothing to do with me yesterday so you know what fuck off''i shout loud enough for everyone to hear. i walk out in a rage ''callum cover for me please im going for an early lunch'' 

harry ran after me he was faster than me and grabbed me by my waist '' don't struggle it will only make things worse'' i stood there in shock as has masculine hands started to trace my thigh sending shivers down my spine. Before i knew it i  was entwined in his body as he started to rip my shirt off.

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