The day it started (harry styles)

Sophie is an 18 year old girl she is finding it hard at home, her mum and dad argue all the time, her life is starting to fall apart. A mysterious guy spots her but can he turn her life around or will he neglect her like the rest of them.


2. chapter 2

Thats all i remember i can't believe i didn't do anything about it i could have saved her. i cried in my friend rachel's arms, Rachel is my best friend i have known her since i was a little girl she was  the only one who knew about my problems, she was the only one who helped. ''sophie you tried he hurt you there is nothing more you could have done at least he can't hurt you the judge said he will have at least 50 years'' she reached for my hand ''come on lets go to starbucks that will make you happy'' i laughed and walked along with her.We sat in Starbucks Rach went to get the coffee's whilst i made myself comfortable, as i was doing so when  i saw a mysterious guy near the till he was OMG hot he had tattoo's he was just beautiful. I have heard alot about this guy he is called Harry styles he is the bad boy round here i couldn't help but stare at the shirtless hottie


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