The day it started (harry styles)

Sophie is an 18 year old girl she is finding it hard at home, her mum and dad argue all the time, her life is starting to fall apart. A mysterious guy spots her but can he turn her life around or will he neglect her like the rest of them.


1. chapter 1

Sophie's pov:
its 3 in the morning and they are still arguing it don't know what's got into them lately, dad has turned violent but mum always seems to run back to him i'll never know why. '' SOPHIE GET THE FUCK IN HERE'' Paul shouts, tears start to form in my eyes as i make my way over to the bedroom. ''yes'' is say slowly trying to hold back the tears ''where the fuck have you been'' Paul yelled getting closer to me he grabbed my wrist i tried to pull away but as i pulled he got stronger next thing i know i was on the floor in pain. 
i woke to screaming i didn't know what to do i was in pain my wrist was swollen i was dizzy from the fight, i don't know why he is doing this we never did anything wrong. My eyes were adjusting to the light i could see the shadows of my mum and dad, ''please get off me i'm sorry, i'm sorry'' mum yelled as she fell to the floor blood was slowly dripping down her face she went pale...


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