"I always make mistakes so why shouldn't I change them? If I can why can't I? I've always done it and look, I'm still alive!" Selena has the power to go to the past but there are certain laws, that she doesn't know about, to stop you changing too much. Every time she does it, she comes back different. Every one else around comes back different. Her life as she once knew it changes each time and there is always a flaw in every life from where she has been too careless. Every time she goes into the past, she doesn't remember that past, but she always knows what herself looks like, how? One time she goes back in time and someone spots her. Another time traveler? A friend from that past? Will it be the past to end all futures?


2. My mistake

School the next day was painfully horrible in every aspect. No more of my quiet lifestyle where no one talked to me and I sat in the corner, quite peacefully on my own. No more of my innocent nature, well, other people probably didn't think that but I did. Want to know why all this happened? That stupid update on my website! The entire school approached me at separate times, asking me if I was the owner of The Past. I of course said yes because I'm a terrible liar and every one laughed at me. They made rude jokes and remarks about me and the website. I thought the day every one found out that it's actually me, every one would try to be my friend and I'd be the school's next popular girl, but no. That wasn't going to happen. 

     After school, I ran home with tears pouring down my face. I hoped no one was home, but that meant the door had to be locked. I checked the handle. Locked! I unlocked it with the key from my bag, ran up the stairs and cried. My website, ruined. My little remaining dignity, gone. My ankle sprained from running, my head spinning, my eyes aching. I knew that at times like these where I couldn't fix my mistake, that I could go back and revisit them. I could go back to the past and fix everything that had happened to me. I couldn't remember going back before. It was dangerous but I had no choice, or did I?

     I grabbed my camera off of the table and flipped the screen so it was facing me. Then I angled the camera to make it point at me. 

   "I know a lot of you guys know it's me that has been making this website," I bet some people hadn't even heard my voice before. "And you've bullied me about it, which doesn't make sense. One minute you love it and  I have 3 million views, the next thing I know is I have every one hating me and my website. So I've decided to stop updating this website. I'm un-publishing it and deleting it. You're probably asking; Why is she is doing this to the website? Well, it's because of you, it's because of you that I'm being bullied. It's your eagerness to find out who I am, I never wanted you to find out, you're just to nosy." I stopped the camera. Yeah, that last bit was lame but who cared, my life was officially more ruined than it was before. 

*      *      *                                                                                  

Next day at school, a million people flooded me with questions, insults and pleads to keep the website up. That was when I immediately ran home while my parents were at work, could I remember what I had to do to escape this future? Yes of course I could, I could always remember that! I wondered what I must have been like before this time lapse, how much had I changed myself then? And how bad a job did I do? Extremely. I was a mess. Which mirror was it I had to use?

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