"I always make mistakes so why shouldn't I change them? If I can why can't I? I've always done it and look, I'm still alive!" Selena has the power to go to the past but there are certain laws, that she doesn't know about, to stop you changing too much. Every time she does it, she comes back different. Every one else around comes back different. Her life as she once knew it changes each time and there is always a flaw in every life from where she has been too careless. Every time she goes into the past, she doesn't remember that past, but she always knows what herself looks like, how? One time she goes back in time and someone spots her. Another time traveler? A friend from that past? Will it be the past to end all futures?


3. Findings

How was I remembering how to do this? My instinct was taking control of my body. I guess in my mind I had decided that I was going to visit the past and the power within me was taking me (supposedly) to the mirror. But then again it could just be me loosing it! Without me moving it, my arm moved towards the handle on the loft hatch. Squeaking and scratching, I opened the door slowly. I had to admit it, I was scared. It's not easy just kissing life goodbye. Although, I didn't really like my life, so it wasn't much of a loss.

     I entered the attic and I felt the hold on me lessen. Without warning, a gust of wind blew through, knocking me onto the floor, bruising my knee. This wind was incredibly strong; it was blowing around trunks and boxes that were hard to move by hand, I knew from experience. I looked around to where it was blowing to and I noticed it was just disappearing into thin air when it hit the wall. I realized I was screaming and almost crying.

     I trained my eye around the small space and something white caught my eye, a piece of paper, flapping wildly, but not moving along any where by the strong winds. Until everything had vanished, the winds kept blowing but when they did, they stopped abruptly. And I stopped screaming. My knee was bleeding and there were tears running down my face. I would go have a look at the paper once I had recovered from that gust of wind.


*   *   *


The paper had an old feel to it. It was creepy and, well, weird. I was reading it fluently, struggling at bits that were undecipherable. The writings seemed a little odd somehow, like it was different from anything else I had read. Then it struck me, it wasn't English letters and numbers I was reading, it was some old type of writing. But the thing that scared me was that I knew exactly why I knew it and how I knew it. I was a time traveler. I knew the language of the travelers. I couldn't remember it from the old days because I was, wait... I was not what I had looked like for such a long time. I was completely different. I didn't know how I knew that. Out of no where, a mirror scooted along. I was my true self. I was the actual me. I was beautiful. I was pretty. I was strong and fit and I looked good. I had all my knowledge I had been missing for so long because the girl I used to be was someone else, another version of myself that was now lost in time and space. I was truly me.

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