"I always make mistakes so why shouldn't I change them? If I can why can't I? I've always done it and look, I'm still alive!" Selena has the power to go to the past but there are certain laws, that she doesn't know about, to stop you changing too much. Every time she does it, she comes back different. Every one else around comes back different. Her life as she once knew it changes each time and there is always a flaw in every life from where she has been too careless. Every time she goes into the past, she doesn't remember that past, but she always knows what herself looks like, how? One time she goes back in time and someone spots her. Another time traveler? A friend from that past? Will it be the past to end all futures?


4. Bullying

I couldn't believe everything I was calling up in my mind. Every life I had lived, each different from the last, like I was being reincarnated each time I went back. This was my mission, I had to do this, even if it killed me. I was a time traveler. The world and everything around us was created by a boy who was lost in time. No one had seen him since. He had no name. And he was no where. When he created the Earth, the universe, everything, he made many flaws and the spirit of time appointed only one time traveler to go back and change the past, to fix every flaw ever made; and that one traveler, was me. 

     This time around in life, there had been a big mistake made, and it hadn't been made by the boy; it had been me. By messing around with the past, I had changed the future. I created people who were horrible and mean to people. I had created people who couldn't speak up for themselves and couldn't defend themselves from these horrible humans, this case had been given the name, bullying. Mistakes like these were found in every life and it was my job to fix them. In every life, when the time came that the mistake was made fully clear, my true form would try to break free of the shell it was cast in, making me do all those things I did every time. When the wind hits me, it releases me from the shell, keeping me frozen in time. Right now, the whole universe and everything in it had paused.

     Bullying was horrible and it was happening to me when I was Selena, I had been bullied badly and no one had  seemed to help me. I felt trapped, scared, upset. And the worst part was that there were many others like me. I wasn't as bad as some people where they commit suicide over it, and it was my fault. I felt awful. I created these people and they were dying and crying. People like Luna were horrible people who should never have existed. They wouldn't in the next life, they'd be nice people. Known by different names, with different ID's but they would be the same life. So all the people who had committed suicide, would be reborn again as humans equal to anyone else in the world. They'd have a happy ending ending, instead of an unfair, end to life, brought upon them by myself. I felt terrible about that. 

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