Painted Faces

Entry into the Inspired by a Song competition. I've chosen to base my story on the lyrics of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.
What would you do if time was all you had?
Any constructive criticism/feedback that anyone has to offer will be welcomed considerably. Please bare in mind that I will be adding chapters progressively and not all in one go.
Enjoy :D


2. The Trader

I've been roaming around, wandering this barren land for far too long whilst craving something bigger than what this world had to offer. Freedom. Sanctuary. Of course, I knew the price that I would have the pay for it. In the centre of town, was situated an old goldsmith shop that had been converted into a trading booth. It was the place you had to go when you wanted to make a deal with the time-keeper. For example, if you wanted to knock a few grand off of your mortgage, you'd have to donate him a few years of your life, or if you were close to death anyway, it would jump to the next generation in your family. 

See, the thing is, I was on the run. I'd once paid the time-keeper a visit. I told him I wanted immortality; I signed a contract, but obviously being the selfish fool that I surely was, I didn't read the fine print. Now I am indebted to him. In exchange for my perpetual immortality, I owe him seventy years of my seven-year-old daughter's life. 

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