Painted Faces

Entry into the Inspired by a Song competition. I've chosen to base my story on the lyrics of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.
What would you do if time was all you had?
Any constructive criticism/feedback that anyone has to offer will be welcomed considerably. Please bare in mind that I will be adding chapters progressively and not all in one go.
Enjoy :D


3. Jagged Glass

My daughter Amelia and I had been on the run for several months; I had managed to find a hidden cave about fifteen miles away from the city. The cave was situated in the middle of a forest with a tiny stream flowing through which supplied us with our only water. We lived off whatever the land had to offer us which was mainly berries and game. There was a period of time  when draught came in an eternal wave; the berry bushes began to die. The rabbits and deer slowly began to drop in numbers. Even the trees began to wither, their deterioration paralleling with the decaying I felt inside of me.

What would you do if time was all you had? Where would you go? Who would you become? How would you stop yourself from fading away into nothing? My time had not bought me an eternal happiness, it did not fix the cracks that began to wither me as time began to consume and encompass me.  And now that I knew the concequences that I faced, or more so the repercussions that now endangered my daughter, I needed a saviour more than ever. I could use somebody. Anybody that would save my daughter from the imminent elderhood that loomed in front of us, regardless of which direction we ran in.

The rain continued to fall, seeping through the crack in the blanket of trees, several droplets cascading down my dirty cheeks, leaving lines in its wake. We hadn't eaten since that morning, and a couple handfuls of berries had barely lined our stomachs. I crouched down in the long grass, in search for a rabbit or two, and listened carefully; I was thrown by the obserdity of the silence. It was a paradox in itself. Was silence ever really silent?

A sway of grass, a whispering breeze, a fragile heartbeat.

The passing of time.

Something sharp pierced the skin of my palm as I pressed it into the ground. I winced and pulled away, frowning at the glistening object burried amongst the grass. The light that beamed through the trees illuminated the object, reflecting the leaves of the trees on its surface. I picked up the jagged glass and held it to my face.

An unrecognisable man stared back at me, his eyes empty, the light in them deminishing. I pressed my fingers to my cheek, the man in the glass imitating my action. I denied the fact that the man in the glass was me. I'd turned into a ghost as this waging war began to drown me. No matter where we went, we were bound to the contract and time would catch her. She was his prisoner.

"Daddy? Am I going to die?" Amelia whispered fearfully. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes as I carried her into the cave, her hair a tangle of golden strands.

I pressed her against my chest, as I held her in my arms.

"We are safe now, Amelia. This is our home now."

The memory burned like wildfire in my mind. I threw the glass away, disgusted by what it showed me. I had sworn to myself that I would protect her and I would do so until my heart stopped beating.




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