Not A Mystery Anymore

*Book two in The Mystery Girl series*
Harry and Emma were having a hard year and their relationship was rocky. Harry thought that marrying Emma would be the answer, that it would solve everything. It does, but only for a while. Everything goes wrong when Harry finds out Emma's secret.


6. Nightmare

Harry's POV

We walk inside and automatically walk into the bathroom. I grab my toothbrush and squeeze more paste than I would normally use out onto the brush. Emma walks in, now wearing shorts an an oversized t-shirt. She's drying her hair. 

As I brush my teeth the suds foam around my mouth. I look over at Emma and smile. She giggles. "You look ridiculous..." She says, placing the towel on the shower to dry. Even though the shirt is too big for her, her sides are revealed when she reaches up. I wipe off my mouth.

I run my hand up her side and kiss her neck. "Woah...hello there," She laughs, and places her hands over mine. She holds them as I trace over her sides, back, and stomach. She turns around and kisses me. I delicately hold the back of her neck as we kiss. 

"I'm tired," She whispers, pulling away from me. 

"So am I...!" I say, smiling and going in for another kiss.

"No, not like that. I'm actually tired Harry. I've had a long day and I just want to sleep. Please. Let's just go sleep," I see the sleep in her eyes. 

"Alright," I grab her hand and start walking to the bedroom, "But we're still going to cuddle!" Emma rolls her eyes. 

"Fine, but I'm probably just going to fall asleep..." She yawns. It was cute. I pull off my shirt and lay down next to Emma. She's already out cold, snoring lightly. 

I wasn't tired at all, I didn't ever get tired, so I watched her. I watched as her chest rose and fell with each breath. I watched as her nose would crunch every once and awhile. She was dreaming. I smile.

After a while I decide to lay down and close my eyes. As I do this I hear a scream. "Emma! What's going on!" I look my left and see a shivering figure. 

I wrap my arms around Emma. She's crying. "Baby...tell me what's going on!" 

"" She trails off.

"Emma?! I what?!" I shake her a bit. 

"You weren't there..." She brushes the tears away from her eyes with the back of her hand. "You weren't there when your daughter was born..." 

"What? Emma, you're not pregnant...are you?" I roll out of bed and switch on the lights. Emma is shaking. 

"No. Harry, I'm positive I'm not." I sit back down in bed. 

"Than why did you have that dream?" I had always wanted a daughter, and I do want one. But a dream like that scared me. 

" you think this is a sign?" She looks at me with sad eyes.

"Of course not, Emma. I will be there when our baby girl is born." She nods. 

"Okay..." She spins the ring around her finger. I lift her chin and kiss her. "I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight..."  

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