Not A Mystery Anymore

*Book two in The Mystery Girl series*
Harry and Emma were having a hard year and their relationship was rocky. Harry thought that marrying Emma would be the answer, that it would solve everything. It does, but only for a while. Everything goes wrong when Harry finds out Emma's secret.


7. Mrs. Styles

Emma's POV

"I like this one," Nadia says, as she gulps down another glass of complementary champagne that you get at the wedding gown shops. 

"I don't," I mumble, looking down at the lace gown that was tightly clinging to my curvy body. "Um, miss, can I get something flowy? These dresses don't fit my body very well," I glance over at the pile of at least seven skin tight dresses I had already tried on. 

"Of course, I'll be right back," I pull up my skirt and walk over to Nadia. 

"This isn't working! We've gone to three wedding shops and I've tried on at least twenty five dresses! I need to find the one!" I sit down carefully, so the dress doesn't rip. I don't want to have to pay any more than I have to. 

"Well, maybe w-we can just come back another-r day..." Nadia slurs. I take the glass from her. 

"I think that's enough, go get some water," Nadia nods her head and walks out of the dressing room. I quickly finish of the glass. My phone starts to ring. It was a custom ringtone I had made. It was Harry saying 'Ring, ring. Answer your phone baby. It's probably me...' I quickly grab the phone. It was most likely Harry, calling to ask if I had found a dress yet, so I didn't look t the screen. 

"Harry, I haven't found a dress yet," I say into the phone. I was frustrated, not at him, just the situation. 

'This isn't's Maddie" I gasp, and refrain from dropping my phone. 

"Maddie? Why are you calling me? Where are you?" I ask one question after the other. 

"Slow it down Mrs. Styles, one question at a time. I'm calling because I found out that you and Harry are engaged. And I just landed in London. I've been in America since January," Maddie explains. "I didn't know how to get ahold of I called Niall," 

"You what?!" They had had a rough break up. It was because she was moving and Niall didn't take it very well. After he kinda got over her he would always get furious when I mentioned her...So we all just forgot about her. 

"I thought I was never going to see you again..." One silent tear streams down my face. 

"Well, you thought wrong. Now, about this wedding..?" I knew exactly where Maddie was going with this. 

"Of course you're invited. So, you're in London...?" I knew it was short notice, but Maddie always had a knack for picking out wedding dresses. We used to sit on her bed and flip through hundreds of wedding dress catalogs. 

"Yes, I just moved into my new flat-"

"You need to come to London's Best Dresses, now!" 

"Okay, I remember where that is. I'll be there in five!" Click.

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