Not A Mystery Anymore

*Book two in The Mystery Girl series*
Harry and Emma were having a hard year and their relationship was rocky. Harry thought that marrying Emma would be the answer, that it would solve everything. It does, but only for a while. Everything goes wrong when Harry finds out Emma's secret.


3. I Did This

Emma's POV

The tears roll down my cheeks like raindrops roll down a window pain during a storm. Harry holds me tightly against his chest. "Shh, baby. Baby you're okay. I love you. Shh..." Harry continues to whipser things like this into my ear the whole time we are in the car riding back to our house. We finally get there.
I burst out of the car and run upstairs into our flat. I don't know how, but I had lost my shoes. I pull off the dress that was holding in my stomach. I breath in deeply over an over again. I pull on one of Harry's shirts, but forget about the pants. I lay down in bed and am covering myself in the large, green comforter when I hear the door open and close. "Emma? Emma?" I hear Harry's deep voice come from the living room. I try to sob loudly so he hears me.

He walks into our room. "Baby, I have your shoes." I lift my head from the pillow and nod. Harry pulls his jacket and shoes and lays down next to me. "Oh, babe. I just want you to feel better..." He runs his hand over my thigh and that's when he notices. "Emma..."

I sit up and pull the shirt away from my legs. "There. That's my tattoo." Harry stares at my scarred legs. I see the hurt in his eyes. He isn't crying, but I know he wants to.

"You did this?" I nod my head. I was ashamed of myself. "But...why?" He croacks.

"Because...I'm not good enough for you. Because I'm ugly. Because I'm fat. Because of Larry. Because I have no family. Because I get death threats every day. I live my whole life in fear Harry!"

"Stop! I can't take it anymore! I don't want to to hear it!" The tears are silently falling down his cheeks now. "Why did you never tell me?" He asks, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. 

"Why didn't you notice?" Then it hits him. There had been plenty of times that I had walked around the house with no pants on. He never noticed the scars on my legs.

"I'm so sorry. I never thought that you would do that, so I never thought to look. Plus I thought people only did that on their wrists..."
"Well, you thought wrong." Harry wraps his arms around me.

"Emma, this dosen't mean I don't love you any less. I might love you a little more. Now I know I need to take care of you. Delete your twitter, make a new email. I don't want any of those crazy fangirls hurting you... Telling you to die. Wait...Emma, when do you even have time to do this?" He runs his fingers over the healing scars. I had not cut since Harry proposed. I just couldn't make myself. I knew I had to tell Harry sooner or later.

"Remember when I used to take those baths. And I wouldn't ever let you join...? That's when.."

"Emma, I'm sorry. I'm going to protect you more than ever now. This is never going to happen again. I wont let it. I promise, okay?" He kisses my hair.




*Guys, the character Emma is based on me, but I do not selfharm. I have a friend who does and I wanted to raise awarness for selfharm through my writing*

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