Not A Mystery Anymore

*Book two in The Mystery Girl series*
Harry and Emma were having a hard year and their relationship was rocky. Harry thought that marrying Emma would be the answer, that it would solve everything. It does, but only for a while. Everything goes wrong when Harry finds out Emma's secret.


5. I Can't Stay Mad Forever

Harry's POV

I stare at the door. I had known Emma for long enough to know that I shouldn't push her. I have to let her blow off some steam. 

I pull out my phone. 

I love you baby :* I'm so sorry.

I sit on the curb and wait for her reply. I wait, and wait for what seems like forever. Still no response. I watch cars pass for a while until it starts to rain. "Oh great..." I mumble. I look up into the sky. 

"Really? You wanna mess up my life any more? Emma's probably going to leave me now! You want to try and make everything worse!?" I scream. I see the lady I had nodded at glance at me like I was crazy. I look out into the street just in time to see a large car drive by. It hits a puddle and drenches me in what. "I give up!" I yell. 

I sit down on the curb and cry. I really was giving up. I felt like Emma was never going to forgive me. Her father had died of lung cancer and she told me that I was never to touch a cigarette. 

I sat in the rain and sobbed. I flinch when I feel a hand on my shoulder. It was Emma. She stood completely soaked, with her arms crossed. 

"Are you going to come inside and dry off, or are you going to sit out in the rain forever?" She asks. I was shocked. 

"How long have you been standing there?"

"Five...ten minutes maybe,"

"You're not mad?"

"Of course I'm mad Harry! But I'm not going to let you sit out here and catch a cold, and I can't stay mad at you forever!" Emma unfolds her arms and reaches out to me. I grab one of her hands and stand up. I pull my hand away. "Hey, don't let go..." Emma whimpers. I intertwine our fingers and bend down to kiss her, but she pushes my face away. "Have you ever kissed someone who had just smoked?" 

"It's gross. You probably taste like an ash tray," I breathe into my hand and sniff. Emma laughs, 'Come on idiot, let's get inside."  

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