Can Jealousy Ruin Friendship

Laura is just starting her year as a freshman is high school and she's finding it pretty hard until this sophmore guy called Harry comes into her life by just one accident. They become really good friends, but later on not just friends ;) Harry also has 4 best friends: Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. Harry and Laura start seeing each other almost every day and things lead to another.... Until one day Harrys best friend Niall falls in love with Laura and tries to get closer to her. How will Harry react if he finds out?

If you want to find out more start reading this movella what are you waiting for? But just warning you there are some inappropriate things in this fan fiction so if you're under 12 you probably shouldn't read this :)


9. Where The Flirting Begins


 Laura's P.O.V

Harry was late. It was 20:30 and he was supposed to be here at 20:15. Or maybe he does have a girlfriend he just didn't wanna tell me and now he's spending time with her. All these thoughts were interrupted by the bell ringing. I knew it wasn't my mom because number one she has keys and number two she won't be here until like 23:00. My curiosity was to high so I decided to open the door. My heart beat increased when I saw Harry at my door.

"Hello." He says with his amazing british accent.

"Hey." I say trying not to sound nervous.

"I'm terribly sorry I was late. You see my car broke down so I had to call a cab and it was just frustrating, so yeah. You might think it's a bad excuse but that's what really happened, you don't have to believe me-

"I do!" I cut him off because I really did believe him. He's such a gentlemen. I can't believe the stories the others were telling me about Harry, because they were just bull shit.

"Well I brought a few of my math books to help you since you needed help with math, am I right?" he say as he winks at me.

"Yeah, you're right." I say agreeing with him.

"So where are we going to do this? By the way are your parents home?" he asks curiously.

"No. My mom is at work till 23:00 and my dad, well lets just say he's not here anymore.. and by that I don't mean that he's dead, he just left my mom when I was a toddler but that's another story." I say a bit sad and when Harry sees the look on my face he says:

"I'm really sorry for bringing this up. Don't be sad, you've got me." he says with a smile, which made me giggle a bit.

"So, back to my original question, where do you want to do this, and by that I mean math.. nothing else." he says quickly before he put any other thoughts in my head.

"Yeah I know what you mean. Math." I say smiling a little.

"So.. where will we be?" 

"Oh, right sorry I forgot.. well I don't know. We have a few options."

"Which are...?"

"The living room, the kitchen or my room."

"Hmmm...Let's go in your room." He says with a cheeky smile. Hopefully he isn't like the guys were telling me.

"Ok sure" I say agreeing to his decision. As we make our way up the stairs there's weird tension between us. As if flirtatious tension. As we get to the top of the stairs I show him my room. As we walk in he says

"Look I'm sorry that this made you uncomfortable in any way that I picked the room. The only reason I picked the room was because it's private. Ok that came out bad. What I meant to say was that I like you. I like you a lot, you seem like a cool girl and I want to spend more time with you and this felt like the perfect time. So if you feel uncomfortable in any way tell me and I'll stop. Ok trust me I'm not like the guys are telling you. Ok maybe I was like that but that was in the past no I've changed and I can prove it to you."

"Wow that was a long speech." I tease him and he smiles a bit.

"Yeah but it as totally worth it." He says smiling even more this time. Like Black Eyed Peas once said 'I gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good night.'

"So .. Let's leave this awkward tension behind us and focus on math. Oh god I never thought I would say this." He says as we both started giggling.

"Ok, so show the master your homework." He says trying to act serious but we can't stop laughing.

"Well I have to finish this page and- "

"Oh I know this, this will be easy." He cuts me off, clearly a bit excited about this."

"Ok then."

"Sorry it's just that I want this to be done so we can talk and get to know each other better."

"Ok sure, I don't mind."

After like ten minutes of watching him do my math homework he was finally done. And we sat on the bed and started talking. A lot.

"So what are your hobbies?" He asks me obviously trying to get to know me better.

"I know this might sound weird and stupid but I like to sing and to play the guitar." I say a bit uncomfortable with answering his question.

"OMG really?! I love to sing and play the guitar also. It's like my life. I just can't live without music. Can you?" He asks me back.

"No way I could never imagine my world without music."

"Cool, we've got two things in common now."

"Yeah we do."

"Listen, this might sound like a weird question and I might sound like a stalker but sorry I have to ask.. Do you currently have a boyfriend?" He asks wanting to know the answer as soon as possible."

"Umm.. No.." I answer a bit shyly. As I finish my sentence I look at Harry and his face is like a couple of inches away from me. Suddenly I feel soft lips caress mine. It only lasted for so short but it was still the best kiss I ever had. Who am I to talk I only had one kiss in my whole life. But still I don't think anything can top this one. As he moves his lips apart from mine he says:

"I'm so sorry, I just had to. You know you are the most beautiful person I've met in this school and I just had to kiss you. This might sound weird but when it comes to girls I don't really have feeling towards them you know it's just a one night thing. But now I can feel my heart beat faster whenever I see you." He said stroking my hair and looking me in the eyes so close that it made me blush.

"I didn't know you felt this way about me Harry. You see no one really felt this way about me before."

"Well then they are most likely blind and stupid, because they don't know what they are missing out on." He says smiling at me.

"Thank you Harry, this really did make my day." I say


I hear my phone vibrate as I got a text from someone. It was Niall texting me the party info. Really now isn't the good time to do this.

"Im terribly sorry about that. It's just Niall texting me the party details."

"Aha so you're going to the party?"

"Yeah, it looks like it."

"Hey listen, people usually bring dates to these kind of events. Like Lou is bringing El and Liam is bringing Dani and Zayn is bringing Perrie, so I was thinking if you would want to umm.. maybe.. be my d-date to the party." He says insecure about it.

"Sure I would love to." I say with a big smile on my face. I was noticing it was getting dark and I looked at my phone and oh boy does the time fly when you're talking to a amazing guy who really likes you. As I realise it's 23:30 and my mom still isn't home I ask Harry:

"Hey, umm it's getting a bit dark and it's already 23:30-"

"OMG it is?"

"Yeah it is time flies by fast, anyways my mom still isn't home yet and it's already pretty dark outside so I was thinking if you would like to crash for the night."

"Sure that would be awesome!" He says with a huge smile appearing on his lips. God those lips I wish I could kiss for ever.

"So get yourself comfy and I'll bring us some snacks and we could watch a movie if you like."I say hoping he would like to watch a horror movie so we could snuggle.

"Sure that would be awesome. Do you have any horror movies?"Harry said as if he could read my mind. Maybe he can you never know

"Yeah of course we do." I say as I leave the room.

Harry's P.O.V

I was so excited when Laura offered for me to crash here. After all I just expressed my feelings for her and kissed her and she's still fine with me crashing here at night. This girl is seriously amazing. And I will never ever treat her like I treated my other night girlfriends. Hopefully this will last for long.




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